Person injured in Santa Maria shooting

March 14, 2016

crime sceneA person was shot in Santa Maria Sunday night in an incident police believe was gang related. The victim suffered a single gunshot wound, which is not believed to be life threatening. [KCOY]

The shooting occurred just before 9:30 p.m. in the 300 block W. Newlove Drive. Responders transported the victim to Marian Regional Medical Center.

Police are still investigating the shooting. The Santa Maria Police Department did not state whether any suspects have been identified.

Earlier this month, authorities arrested at least 15 foreign nationals who are suspects in a recent murder spree in Santa Maria. Police say MS-13 gang members are behind the majority of the city’s recent murders.

Santa Maria’s homicide total increased from three in 2014 to 13 in 2015. Another six murders occurred in the city in January.


Maybe Mayor Patino should rent a place in one of the problem neighborhoods and live there for at least 6 months, it might change her decision to let Santa Maria become a sanctuary city. Living in her nice protected neighborhood may not be giving here the right prospective.


Why not let the gangs medical team take care of this pos and save the taxpayer some money.

Josey Wales

Under Mayor Alice Patino, Santa Maria has become a ‘Sanctuary City’, and violence is becoming a daily fact of life. Santa Maria voters need to recall their corrupt politicians.

It is dangerous, even deadly, to assume that those people in positions of responsibility will, in fact, act responsibly.


So what’s the problem as long as they vote democrat? Politicians don’t care about the state of the country, they care about their power.

That’s all. She’s done a great job as far as she and her fellow politicians are concerned.

Josey Wales

Sadly, Santa Maria Mayor Alice Patino and her four minions on the city council have pursued ‘Sanctuary City’ politics, and now 27,000 illegal aliens reside in Santa Maria. They did this after taking campaign contributions from their ‘Big Ag’ farmer friends, and these farmers are getting average taxpayers to ‘socialize’ the true cost of their labor force.

While the farmers, politicians and illegal aliens may benefit from these ‘Sanctuary City’ policies, the real losers are average taxpayers. Under Patino & Co., Santa Maria has become violent, dangerous and families are having to flee for safer communities.

It is dangerous, even deadly, to assume that those people in positions of responsibility will, in fact, act responsibly.


I think that gang intervention program needs to start with a WALL and mass deportation of criminals.

Rich in MB

All Hail El Trumpo


This is like reporting there was a car chase in LA, it is not news worthy

Rich in MB

Dog Bites Man.

Politician Lies.

Gang Shooting in Santa Maria.

So the question is why the community is accepting this as if it’s just as normal as the sun coming up?

It’s time for a serious Gang Intervention program…ditch the Sheriff Boat to patrol Morro Bay that already has the US Coast Guard and Harbor patrol and put some resources into stopping this carnage. Or….and this could be the issue sadly…does these lives not matter because they are mainly minority? I guarantee you that if these gang murders were happening in downtown SLO there would be a much bigger law enforcement and community response!


Sounds like a great plan, except Santa Maria is in Santa Barbara County…… I don’t think selling our boat to protect the San Luis County Coast will help them.