Lucia Mar considering bond measure on November ballot

April 22, 2016

school busThe Lucia Mar Unified School District is considering asking voters to pass a bond measure to pay for facility upgrades. The proposal would cost property owners between $29 and $45 per $100,000 of assessed value. [Tribune]

School district officials say Lucia Mar could raise between $104 million and $170 million if the bond measure were to pass. The Lucia Mar school board will decide in June whether or not to place the initiative on the November ballot.

Superintendent Raynee Daley said funds raised from a bond initiative would go toward modernizing the district’s outdated facilities, which were built in the 50s and 60s. The district is considering using potential revenue from the bond to replace modular classrooms with permanent structures.

District officials may also spend the funds on materials and technology for science labs and new desks and chairs that can easily move around classrooms. Bond revenue could likewise go toward replacing windows that are not energy efficient, repaving asphalt in playgrounds and updating plumbing.

Lucia Mar considered placing a bond measure on the 2014 ballot but tabled the plan. That year, three school districts in the county — Atascadero, Cuesta College and San Luis Coastal — placed bond measures on the ballot. All three of the initiatives passed.


Do not let this happen! Cuesta College just had a bond measure pass for $300 MILLION dollars on the last go around. It raised our Property taxes $50.00 per every $100,000 dollars assessed. Please put the word out not to let this happen!


Just another subsidy to enable the fraud, waste and abuse of bad government.


First we need to hear how they have cut administration personal, salaries, benefits and pensions and then we might consider it but until then, No Way….


Good thing the lottery was going to fix all the shortages.


“District officials may also spend the funds on…….”. blank check.


They are Zombie public servants when you think they’re dead they rise and come back for more… sorry the blood bank is dry. Cal Poly got it all.


LUCIA MAR, the answer is we will vote NO.


Here we go again. This will pass due to the student population just as the last bond measures passed. Homeowners get ready to pay!

I wont support this

Rich in MB

First the teachers get a raise….

Them the school funding bond….

Halarious and how many sicker will fall for it, all to support the teachers union.


The organized-crime thugs of the teachers unions are laughing all the way to the bank.

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