Man convicted of molestation despite reported erectile issues

April 8, 2016
Jose Antonio Rojas Barriga

Jose Antonio Rojas Barriga

A San Miguel who reportedly planned to use erectile dysfunction as a defense has been convicted of 30 counts of child molestation charges. He now faces life in prison.

Jose Antonio Rojasbarriga, 60, molested two boys who were under the age of 14. Rojasbarriga committed repeated acts of molestation over the course of five years, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Jurors did not reach a verdict on one count of sodomy. Still, Rojasbarriga faces up to 750 years to life in state prison. The law allows for consecutive sentences of 25 years to life for each count because Rojasbarriga committed the crimes against separate victims on separate occasions, according to the DA’s Office.

In January, Judge John Trice declared a mistrial in the case. The mistrial occurred after one of the boys testified that Rojasbarriga molested him 15 to 20 times.

The boy, who is now 16, was expected to testify Rojasbarriga molested him once. Defense attorney Matt Guerrero then requested a mistrial, and Trice granted the request.

A prosecution motion in the case stated the defense was going to claim Rojasbarriga could not have committed the crimes because he suffered from erectile dysfunction.

Following Thursday’s verdict, District Attorney Dan Dow release a statement saying justice had been served.

“The young victims in this case, who are truly brave survivors, can now begin the long healing process because justice was served by these verdicts,” Dow said.

Judge John Trice is scheduled to sentence Rojasbarriga on May 6.


This guy makes me sick. He is going to get everything he deserves. The only bummer is that we have to pay to keep his in prison for the rest of his life.


Another piece of waste. Why is he still alive? Why does he have any protruding parts left to dysfunction? He won’t “recover”. He will hurt another child given the chance. I don’t want to support him for 30 years.


I say just let him go. After all, a majority of the county supervisors, Lynn Compton, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson have vilified and expressed no confidence in Dan Dow.


750 years to life, whichever comes first. That’s a long time, especially when you’ll be changing positions from pitcher to catcher, Jose.



I am sure he will get treatment for ED in prison. Best medical coverage in the state!


What a perv sicko.

Lock him up & let prison justice do its thing.


His excuse was soft and failed to stand up


Weak attorney, weak excuses, weak defense.


Funniest post of the year!


I’m sorry did I miss something? How is the judge scheduled to sentence Rojasbarriga on May 6 if there was a miss trial? was there a plea agreement reached that was not reported? Dan Dow’s statement doesn’t make sense.

CCN can you please clarify the reporting on this?


Yes, you missed something…the ability to comprehend. It is obvious from the article that there was a new trial. In JANUARY there was a MIStrial so charges were refilled and a new jury was chosen…new trial. Hence the verdict and the statement from Dow which makes perfect sense.


“refiled”, not “refilled”…had to get my glasses. :)


I bet he will never ask you a question again.

You really tore home a new one, just like Jose is going to get.


I am sorry. I think Jose’s new one will be much more severe.


so…is ED going to get him off?


My guess is no. :)