Teen killed in three-vehicle collision

April 16, 2016

CHP@CORRECTION: The teen who died was driving in a car with Gino Lopez.

One person died and four were injured in a three car drunk driving accident on the Cuesta Grade Friday evening.

At about 8:30 p.m., Gino Lopez, 21, of Arvin was driving a Honda at a high rate of speed when he crashed into a tractor-trailer. Geneva Vanbeurd, 62, of San Luis Obispo, who was driving a Volvo, then crashed into the Honda.

The impact caused a 16-year-old to be ejected from Lopez’s’s car. The teen, whose name has not yet been released, died at the scene.

Also injured were the other two passengers in Lopez’s car, Brittany Arreola, 19, and Henry Aguilar, 18, both from Wasco. Emergency personnel transported Lopez, Arreola and Aguilar to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Lopez and Aguilar suffered non-life threatening injuries. Arreola is in critical condition.

Vanbeurd was treated for minor injuries.

Officers arrested Lopez for DUI. Following his released from the hospital, he is slated to be booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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Seriously, I’ll try one more time. Do not tailgate. If you do, then when the inebriated or inattentive driver in front of you collides with another vehicle, you will not have time to stop.

Pick a landmark. When the car in front of you passes the landmark, start counting. One–one thousand, two–one thousand…. If you are doing 70, then you should easily be able to count to 7. A little more gives you extra protection.

Do an observation, travel in the slow lane of 101 so you can observe the fast lane. Watch how those cars are no more than one or two car lengths behind each other. Just like a bunch of Frank Barones.

I remember when parents didn’t let there 16 y/o daughters run free as they please.

I can’t even count how many dui we had just this weekend in slo county. And many more gee, darn, I’m too old, too distracted, too whatever and got into a wreck.

I don’t think it’s a case of when people will learn or how to tech them. This battle will simply not be won.

I love driving, I think it’s an amazing things humans accomplished. But to be honest, I stay off the road now whenever I can.

Best be glad tech is bringing us a car that drives itself. Because cannot and will not ever be trusted to operate a motor vehicle with any decency anymore.

Lopez should sue CalTrans and the trucking company and then run for County Assessor.

Vanbuerd should be charged with manslaughter for allowing a teenager to be in her car not wearing a seat belt. Had the child been wearing a seat belt they may not have been ejected from the car.

It also sounds like Vanbuerd was following to close to a speeding vehicle herself or she should have been able to stop,change lanes or done something to avoid the collision.

Either way it is terrible that someone lost their life because of reckless driving and not obeying the laws of the road on the part of both drivers.

Robert Barone: [as Timmy] Frank can you tell me what is the proper following distance?

Frank Barone: Well if the guy is going really slow I like to be right on his butt. So if he looks back he can read my lips.

Vanbuerd had no passengers in her car.

Another bunch of drunken Valley kids coming here to party.

Thankfully Ms. Vanbeurd is ok but I hope the drunk driver gets locked up for a long time. I feel no sympathy for jerks who drink and drive. None.

Well, I don`t really think that where the drunken kids are from has any bearing on the tragic outcome. We have too many impaired drivers EVERYWHERE.

My condolences to the family and loved ones of the young man who lost his life.

Please, please DO NOT drink and drive and make sure you buckle up EVERY TIME you get in a vehicle.