Dan Carpenter on the issues facing SLO County

May 26, 2016
San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter


Voters throughout the 3rd District of San Luis Obispo County have already begun voting in the June 7 primary. Many will wait until election day to vote at the polls exercising their right and responsibility to select their next supervisor.

Much has been publicized recently about the District 3 supervisor’s race being contentious, acrimonious and littered with mudslinging. I believe this is a mischaracterization promoted by the mainstream media as an endorsement of their bully incumbent. Bullying should never be tolerated and those of us in leadership positions should be empowered to call it out when recognized.

I will continue to push forward my message of respectful representation that listens. It’s been the hallmark in my service to the residents in the City of San Luis Obispo these past six years and will continue to be as your representative on the board of supervisors.

I’m the only candidate for District 3 supervisor that opposes the countywide 1/2 cent self-help sales tax that is being proposed by SLOCOG (San Luis Obispo Council of Governments). I strongly believe we should not reward our representatives in Sacramento for mismanaging billions of dollars in gasoline taxes and other fees. Return the money to our local transportation authority so we can move forward with repairing and improving our county’s infrastructure.

Recently, Proposition 13 has been under assault with some state leaders pushing to eliminate commercial property from this protection. As your supervisor, I will be a leader in advocating support for Proposition 13 in it’s entirety helping families and small business owners.

I’ve supported policies that address the millions of dollars of unfunded pension debt. The county needs elected officials who are willing to confront this obligation and not continue to kick it down the road. I remain vigilant in keeping it in the forefront, forgoing attractive and tempestuous costly new programs and services. .

Since it’s inception one year ago, I’ve fought to eliminate the recently enacted Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance in the City of SLO. It’s onerous, invasive, and an overreach of moral authority by our government. If history tells us anything, this will move on to the county at some point in time, and as your supervisor I will not support it. I’m not afraid to stand up to staff’s recommendations if necessary.

I support a diverse portfolio of water sources to address the county’s ongoing water needs. Conservation, reclaimed water, ground water management, desalination and additional surface storage combined with efficient delivery will insure future water needs. I support keeping local control of our water basins through the County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and not turning them over to the state as proposed by my opponent Adam Hill.

I strongly support the re-licensing of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant as a safe, clean, low cost energy source to our community. Closing Diablo would have a devastating impact on our local economy with the loss of jobs and tax revenue to schools and nonprofits.

I’m an advocate for all taxpayers, small business owners, seniors on fixed incomes, and the many families who are struggling in today’s economy. I’m a supporter of private property rights advocating for a smaller more efficient government that recognizes it’s limited responsibilities while providing the highest level of quality services.

If you want a supervisor who will respectfully listen, embrace transparency at all levels, and conduct his office hours out in the district, then I am your choice and would be honored to have your vote on or before June 7th. Please visit my website or call me directly on my cell (805) 704-8567. I look forward to continuing my public service in the community I’ve called home my entire life.

Dan Carpenter is a lifelong San Luis Obispo County resident, a San Luis Obispo councilman, and a candidate the District 3 supervisor seat.


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Agree with phoenix.rising. Let’s help Dee Torres-Hill’s cry for help re her family situation. Let’s definitely vote for Dan Carpenter for Supervisor!

Since Dan Carpenter is the Best Choice for Supervisor because it is time for representative governance lets all celebrate on June 7.

So many have written so many great points the only remaining action is to VOTE and help your friends and family in the 3rd District VOTE for Dan Carpenter.