Only a fourth of SLO County mail in ballots returned

May 26, 2016

voteSan Luis Obispo County residents have returned 24,032 of about 100,000 ballots that were mailed out earlier this month. About two thirds of county voters are currently registered to vote by mail.

In the last primary election, approximately 60,000 San Luis Obispo County registered voters participated, or 41 percent.

Of those who have mailed in their 2016 primary election ballots, 9,890 are Republicans, 9,701 are Democrats and 1,583 are declined to state voters.

Republican John Peschong, Democrat Steve Martin, Republican John Hamon and decline to state Dale Gustin are vying for the San Luis Obispo County District 1 supervisor seat. Of District 1 voters, 4,027 have returned their ballots. Of those, 2,365 are from Republicans, 1,382 from Democrats and 280 from no party voters.

In the District 3 race between Democrat Adam Hill, decline to state Dan Carpenter and Democrat Debbie Peterson, 4,440 voters have returned their ballots. Of those, 2,326 are from Democrats, 1,788 from Republicans and 286 from voters with no party preference.

In the District 5 battle between Republican Debbie Arnold and Democrat Eric Michielssen, 3,701 voters have mailed in their ballots. Of those, 1,715 are from Democrats, 1,700 from Republicans and 286 from voters with no party preference.

As of April 16, there were 149,785 registered voters in the county. There were 59,211 registered Republicans (39.5 percent), 50,342 registered Democrats (33.6 percent) and 31,096 voters registered decline to state (20.8 percent).

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The time to Fire Adam Hill is nearing. Be a part of those who unseat Adam Hill.

Fire Adam Hill!

I just received my ballot 2 days ago so I’m sure there are others like me who will have sent it in by the Due date. These numbers will go up and I’m sure the same percentage of voters who normally vote will have voted.

If I choose to express myself by not voting, Pelicker, I am as within my rights as you are when you do one of those abhorrent and juvenile song things you do.

Nobody nominated you to police who may and may not bitch, regardless of what you may’ve read in your constitution coloring book. Why don’t you have one of the aides read that page to you again?

I don’t agree with getting EVERYBODY out to vote. I only agree with getting conservatives out to vote for conservative candidates.

When I used to go out and try to encourage people to register to vote I heard the same thing over and over! “I don’t vote I hate the government”. I always told them, they love you because you are doing exactly what they want. When you don’t vote you give up your rights, plain and simple. Whether your candidate or ballot issue wins or not at least you’ve made your voice be heard. Get out and vote, get out and vote, get out and vote; you can make a differerence if you make an effort.

I agree.

Many do not vote because they would have to study the issues and it can be difficult to do that with all the lying.

We need to be engaged and learn enough to vote. I am getting calls as to how to vote and I offer advice.

We all can help by being willing to discuss politics with everyone. I do.

I tell everyone to vote for Dan Carpenter.

Jordan Cunningham

Defend our rights.

That means that 3/4’s of you CAN’T bitch and complain about who got elected!

You really think a little thing such as not voting will stop some from complaining?

WOW! This means that the Democrats are voting as fast as they can for Dan Carpenter in the 3rd District for Supervisor!!!!!!!!

Agree Mathwiz! In talking to many Democrats in SLO County, they are embarrassed by the Adam Hill bad behavior antics. They say 8 years is enough. Vote Hill out!

Vote Dan Carpenter for 3rd District Supervisor! Dan the Man!

This is in contrast to Chicago, where 5/4’s of the mailed ballots were returned.

I’d vote, if there were ever someone running for office that was worthy of a vote.

There’s always the “voting against someone not fit to hold a public office”, and usually not a shortage of those types.