El Dorado to sell KVEC to American General Media

May 5, 2016
Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton

KVEC news talk radio, the oldest radio station on the Central Coast, announced earlier today that El Dorado Broadcasters reached an agreement to sell KVEC to American General Media.

Under broadcasting regulations, the public will now have 60 days to comment about the proposed sale to the Federal Communications Commission. Barring any problems, the sale will be final on July 1.

“AGM stands for a good move,”  said radio host Dave Congalton.

In Feb., El Dorado began selling its five Santa Maria and four San Luis Obispo based radio stations. All four stations in Santa Maria sold earlier this year.

Currently for sale are KSLY SLO Country, KSTT Coast and KURQ New Rock.

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No one has better news and local coverage of the County and North County Cities than KPRL 1230 from 6-9 each morning. I love the Congelton show too.

If the Dave Congalton show gets cut, I will squelch KVEC. His show, even when I disagree, provides a needed forum for public access. He is respectful to all camps and emulates zero tolerance to hateful anger.

I hope they get rid of Dave Ramsey, do we really have to hear people who make 200K/year whine about their money problems? Bring back Clark Howard!

The Dave Ramsey show puts me down for my nap…without it how can I get to sleep? Z Z Z z z z Z Z Z Z z z z

Do we know if they are keeping the format, at least?

Personally, I’d love to see the 7pm-10pm slot given back to Jerry Doyle or Joe Paggs – both were far more entertaining than that obnoxious chick. Hell, find that “one” liberal dude who did well in the ratings and throw his show up there, I don’t care (as long as it’s entertaining).

Also, I hope AGM realizes the spineless wimp in Ron Roy and let him go…


If approved, I hope AGM will keep your talk show and the 6-9 morning news with Joe Bowman on air. Two of the best programming here on the Central Coast. Btw, I do miss Tom Madsen from your earlier shows. You guys were the bomb together.

Best wishes…….