CHP officer gets in roadside brawl on Highway 46

May 6, 2016

RoadRageA CHP officer used pepper spray, a collapsible baton and bean bag shotgun rounds to win a roadside brawl with a driver he stopped in northeastern San Luis Obispo County Thursday evening. The 51-year-old suspect weighed into the fight at 174 pounds, standing 5 feet 10 inches.

At about 5:25 p.m, Hesperia resident Monsuru Sho was driving with a suspended license and carrying multiple IDs with the same picture but different names when an officer stopped Hesperia’s vehicle just west of the Kern County line. The officer had observed a vehicle code violation, according to the CHP.

The officer then instructed Sho to get out of his vehicle and they spoke.

When the officer tried to arrest Sho, the suspect immediately resisted and attacked him, the press release states. During the fight, the officer used the less lethal weapons at his disposal.

CHP officers from Templeton and Buttonwillow and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to assist the officer.

Sho was eventually taken into custody. Authorities charged him with assault and battery on an officer, identity theft, driving on a suspended license and providing false identification to an officer.

Both Sho and the officer were taken to a hospital, treated and released. Officers booked Sho in to the San Luis Obispo County Jail, where he remains with his bail set at $25,000.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and more charges are pending.


I think the message here is that not every story needs a photo and a poorly selected photo detracts from the story. As others have indicated, the equally poor headline gives a completely wrong impression about what actually happened.

There was “no brawl.” A law enforcement officer put his life on the line for us. The least we can do is not sensationalize nor mislead people about what might have happened.

Personally, I would pull this story off the site and try again.


Congratulations (?) to the dedicated CHP officer who did his job under pressure, but resisted the temptation to use lethal force. Officer ?, good job. (where is the name of the officer?)


For a picture of the guy, see today’s Paso Robles Daily News. The stock photo of the typical angry white guy doesn’t fit.


Agreed. CCN, please consider revising your photo of the young caucasian man with the accurate photo as published in Paso Robles Daily News:


I disagree with this headline. It implies that the officer in question did something wrong. It implies that he got in some kind of fight. In truth, the officer was attacked in the line of duty and had to defend himself.

That’s a whole different story, CCN!


Indeed. CCN, please revise the headline to read: “51-year old Hesperia man instigates roadside altercation with CHP officer on Highway 46.” Thank you.


I guess the officer Sho’d him!


Fo Sho!!!


But will he appear in court or be a No Sho???

Jorge Estrada

Sho is very lucky to be alive. Obviously the officer serves to protect, even the stupid.


This is true but it should not be so unusual. While it is not a big problem here (yet), overuse of force resulting in unnecessary deaths is an increasing problem with police interactions nationwide.

This is actually a case where use of deadly force might have been justified if the article accurately reflects the circumstances. (The article is missing too much information, has a misleading headline and refers to the suspect using the name of his hometown so I can’t be sure about anything else. I have always suspected that the CHP is better at hiring, screening and/or training its officers as they seem to be have notably fewer incidences of abuse despite operating alone much of the time than some local agencies.

Much appreciation to this officer for doing his job well under trying circumstances.

the situation

If the suspect was high on meth or some other substance, then it really doesn’t matter what the suspect’s size is. An average person under the influence can do a lot of damage.