Katcho is a man of action who listens

May 19, 2016
Katcho Achadjian

Katcho Achadjian


My name is Nikolai and I want to share why I am supporting Katcho Achadjian for Congress.

In 2012, during the election cycle, I approached Congresswoman Lois Capps about getting assistance for dental work I needed that would precede a heart surgery. Her office told me there is nothing that can be done.

I was told her opponent had taken all the funding out when he was Lieutenant Governor.

I was still under the impression that nothing could be done. I went ahead and had the dental work done, but I still needed another dental procedure before I could have the heart surgery.

I then contacted my Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian. Within a day or two, Katcho’s office called me. I was told “anything you need will be taken care of.” His office put me in contact with a care center that would do the dental work.

It was all taken care of and they also worked out a way for my insurance to cover the cost.

I’m voting for Katcho because he is a listening ear and a man of action. Katcho cares. He is the type of community-driven leader we need.

Nikolai Lambert was born and raised on the Central Coast. Lambert, 33, was born with a heart defect and was not getting enough oxygen to his blood. The surgery was a success.



Must be election time


I am sure that Katcho is a nice guy and responds to individual constituents when possible.

However, do not forget that Katcho carried the water district bill on behalf of some serious money-special interests; that bill was Jerry-rigged in favor of those special interests and to the great detriment of individual landowners on wells. The district formation and taxing authority was overwhelming defeated by the voters. When did Katcho listen to these constituents and follow the will of the people?

Katcho needs to retire and I will be voting for Justin. I think Justin can beat Carbajal who would be a disaster and a clone of Ms. Capps.


If you ask me…today we heard that California leads the nation in their annual budgetary deficit. I really don’t think any of these people are doing us right. Including this joker. Throw out the incumbents. They have not earned your vote. Not when California has the highest deficit in the nation. Brown has blown it and if we don’t change course we are screwed. That means cleaning house.

Let me repeat: California is broke! Why vote for any incumbent? Including this rino joker. Just My Opinion…..


Katcho is an elitist who doesn’t care what we peons think. I have written Katcho numerous times on various issues. Not once have I received a reply from Katcho. Katcho is a democrat pretending to be a republican.


That’s a nice story but who calls their state rep when they need surgery? Something must be missing in this opinion piece.


A democrat.


I was going to give you a nice “LoL” for that witty (albeit snarky) reply, but sadly, in today’s America, many people only know how to look towards the government! This is how they have been indoctrinating them (coupled with massive bureaucracies).

To think we used to do things for ourselves. Think for ourselves… and help our neighbors. Oh well. Progressive Utopia! w00t!

ጎበዘ ጎሹ ሓገዝ ኣረጋውያንን ህፃውንትን

Jorge Estrada

Katcho has a long public history and has earned this opportunity, I wish him the best for his efforts.


“Katcho is a man of action who listens”????, the biggest problem with Katcho is that he only listens to the chosen ones. 75+% of a group told him not to proceed with his disastrous water bill but two select supervisors, Hill and Gibson, told him to go full steam ahead and ignore everyone else and who did he listen too?? the chosen ones, Hill and Gibson. Someone like that is not my choice.

Kaiser Bill

Katcho is a politician and glad hander.

But lets face it, his moderate Republican views are about as good as it is going to get in this Congressional District. I would rather have Katcho than Salud Carbajal.

A Congressman’s job is to bring home the bacon in the form of pork and infrastructure improvements. Katcho will do a good job at that with his back slapping and deal making.


We’ll hold our noses and vote for Katcho as the lesser of the evils.


This is exactly who Katcho is. He responds either in writing or in person. His business background must have taught him to value customers. I only wish more candidates were force to publish their resumés. It would probably thin out the field…and the incumbent.