Search called off for missing Vallejo teen

May 29, 2016
Pearl Pinson

Pearl Pinson

Officials called off the search Saturday for a 15-year-old Vallejo girl who was kidnapped on Wednesday. On Thursday, her alleged kidnapper was shot and killed by officers in Solvang.

Authorities called of the search for Pearl Pinson along the Willow Creek area of Sonoma Coast State Park on Saturday afternoon, the Solano County Sherriff’s Office said in a press release. For two days, divers, canine units and search and rescue teams scoured the area, but found no trace of the teen.

“Nothing was found during the search that would indicate Pearl is there,” Solano County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Christine Castillo said. “Investigators continue to follow-up on leads and any future search will depend on where those leads take us.”

Castillo is asking those who may have information about the teen or her abduction to call 911 or their local law enforcement.

On Wednesday at about 7 a.m., witnesses reported hearing shots and seeing a bleeding woman forced into a car on a highway overpass in Vallejo. Investigators found blood and the teen’s phone on the ground.

Pinson and Castro knew each other, but officers said she did not leave with him willingly.

Castro was spotted in San Luis Obispo County, which started a pursuit that ended in a shootout in Solvang. Castro was killed.

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How heartbreaking for this young girls family.

it doesn’t get a lot worse than this…absolutely gut wrenching.

Probably shouldn’t have killed the only person who knew where she is.

And let the perp kill a LEO too? Think before you post.

I don’t think Mr. Castro left much of an option for doing that. Do you take a chance on him getting away to threaten and harm some other innocent person in his way? Or do you return fire when he shoots in your direction?

Like you, I think that sometimes police go overboard in using force when not needed or more than needed. However, unless the reports of the situation in Solvang were wildly inacurrate, this sounds like a very justifiable shooting by the police.

You can’t be that ignorant. I’m giving you the benefit of doubt and assuming you are trolling or doing some deep performance art. But for the sake of argument…. Shut up.

“Shortly after 3:30 p.m., Castro crashed into a barricade near a mobile home park in Solvang. Castro began shooting at deputies, one of whom returned fire.

Castro then broke into a nearby mobile home, and barricaded himself inside. A female resident was able to escape from the mobile home uninjured.

Castro then stole a grey Toyota Tundra truck from the residence and attempted to drive away. In an exchange of gunfire, Castro was killed.”

So, were the cops supposed to somehow capture him alive? How many more lives should have been lost in an attempt to capture him alive?

What could you possibly be thinking??????

Thank you for some common sense. The thumbs down are an excellent statistic of how impaired knuckle draggers can actually be! Case in fact: there are other methods to use than a fatal gunshot. Concussion grenade, tear gas, etc. The police have the option of hiding behind their car in bullet proof vests until they have him incapacitated. But….people don’t reason well–sometimes even police officers. And when they demonstrate they can blow it–other people of the same mentality line up to support their poor judgement. There will never be an eye witness to where this young lady is….EVER.

You don’t take a knife to a gun fight….rule number 1. the cops did the right thing, as they were trained to do. I strongly suspect you have never been trained in policing, firearm use, or law enforcement. Until you are, your point of view is purely a speculative opinion, without any real foundation.