Caren Ray to launch political comeback

June 30, 2016
Caren Ray

Caren Ray

Former San Luis Obispo County supervisor Caren Ray is attempting to launch a political comeback. Ray announced Wednesday that she is vying to reclaim a seat on the Arroyo Grande City Council.

Ray, a Santa Maria High School teacher, served on the Arroyo Grande Council from 2010 to 2013. In 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her to the board of supervisors following the death of Paul Teixeira. As a member of the county board, Ray was an ally of supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson.

In 2014, Ray ran for county supervisor but lost to Lynn Compton. Despite having served several years in office, Ray has yet to win an election in which she had to defeat an opponent.

Ray was appointed to the Arroyo Grande council in 2010. She then ran for a council seat in 2012 but did not have to defeat an opponent in order to claim victory.

This year, the seats belonging to Councilwoman Kristen Barneich and Councilman Jim Guthrie are up for election. Barneich has announced she is running for reelection. Guthrie has not indicated whether he will do so.

Mayor Jim Hill is also running for reelection. Ray is not aligned with Hill politically and is considered an ally of Barneich. Some speculated Ray would run for mayor, not council, this year. No one other than Hill has thus far entered the mayoral race.

“The city’s current mayor and council have really been struggling over the past two years,” Ray stated in a press release. “Trying to lead by looking in the rear-view mirror won’t work. It’s time to move the city forward again.

In Nov. 2014, Hill defeated longtime Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara, despite running as a write-in candidate. Hill’s victory came amid a city hall sex scandal that also led to the resignation of then-city manager Steve Adams.

Since Adams resigned in early 2015, Arroyo Grande has had one full-time city manger and two interim managers. The council voted unanimously to fire City Manager Dianne Thompson on Tuesday.


Ben Daho

At Least in Paso Robles, there was a Hot tub involved when the screwin was attempted.


Who cares?

She is a has been who could not muster the needed votes the last time around. What makes her any better this time?

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I think it is very obvious that Caren Ray is, by any measure, not fit to serve on the city council.

She is hampered by her poor judgement, past behavior, scandals and, worst of all, her associations with people like Adam Hill. I think Caren Ray was able to slide into a few positions because the public knew so little about her, but now she has been exposed-and what we now know of her is astounding!

Caren Ray’s candidacy reminds me of a quote: “It is important to realize that, just because someone has been placed into a position of responsibility, that doesn’t mean they will act responsibly.

Dump Caren Ray.


Actually she was already dumped once and then not elected to District 4, so perhaps your last statement should say, “Don’t allow Caren Ray back”

Downtown Bob

Hill looks thinner, and Karen looks a lot heavier than in the campaign photos.


I do hope you are not that misogynistic, Mr. Downtown.

Hill (as in District 3 Supervisor ADAM) has failed his District 3 residents. He could look fat or thin in that role, who cares, but he just fails, period.

Mayor Hill rocks Arroyo Grande at every turn. Jim Hill is at the forefront of every issue, with sage advice and forward planning.

Caren (because you do not care about spelling overall) Ray? She is throwing her hat into a ring that has thrived without her for quite some time.

Ms. Ray is the past – Tony Ferrara’s past, as we can all quote her, chapter and verse. If she thinks we do not remember her provenance? Bad on us.

We have to be ever vigilant on who she was aligned too and continues to be aligned too.

Caren is a cancer we need to avoid, period.



Many of us voted for Harmon thinking we could get Costello out. That happened!

Now take her script away and Mrs. Harmon will not know what direction to turn to.

If Ray is elected, she will have a gaggle of women following her orders.

Perhaps we can get a 2 fer. No Ray or Barneich.


::doglover:: You are so spot-on regarding how Harmon beat Costello. Harmon sat smug, in the middle of so many city council meeting audiences where she breathed rarified air. Who piped her that rarified air? We all know the answer.

Who is next?

We need to speak the fuck up.

Caren, Kristen, Jim Guthrie? No thank you, fucktards. No thank you @Team Adam Hill accolytes.


Ray as the politico lingo down for sure.

How she gonna find a grocer?

Or reduce all the parked cars in all the new developments?

Or find a competent City Manager?

Or bring tenants to the Elm & Grand empty shopping Center?

Let’s look back and cheer that Ferrara and Costello and Ray are no longer conspiring to support the monied developers who have infected Arroyo Grande.

My vote goes to a newcomer without the political ties of Adam Hill!

Jim Anderson

Unfortunately, there may be more to the “sex parties” than one would think. Team Adam Hill corruption goes deep and needs an enema. Adam Hill and Caren Ray have been begging for money together for a long time. Flush Team Adam Hill.

Jim Anderson

I wonder if Team Adam Hill lawyers Kerr & Wagstaffe have figured out they have been had yet? “Robbin Williams’ family lawyer, James Wagstaffe, slumming with Adam Hill and Aaron Ochs will make great news when Adam Hill is indicted. This is all worth a motion picture! Hey Waggie, much money did Adam Hill pay you to defend Aaron Ochs and Charles Tenborg, PRO BONO?!? Sucker.


Oh, my! That photo is worth a thousand words! I bet Mr. Tompkins will be a huge $$ support to Ms. Ray…so he can get his way again with the city since Mr. Ferrara has left.

Save this one for the archives!


Oh boy. Sex parties in the supervisors chambers. Dee you have competition now