Caren Ray to launch political comeback

June 30, 2016
Caren Ray

Caren Ray

Former San Luis Obispo County supervisor Caren Ray is attempting to launch a political comeback. Ray announced Wednesday that she is vying to reclaim a seat on the Arroyo Grande City Council.

Ray, a Santa Maria High School teacher, served on the Arroyo Grande Council from 2010 to 2013. In 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her to the board of supervisors following the death of Paul Teixeira. As a member of the county board, Ray was an ally of supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson.

In 2014, Ray ran for county supervisor but lost to Lynn Compton. Despite having served several years in office, Ray has yet to win an election in which she had to defeat an opponent.

Ray was appointed to the Arroyo Grande council in 2010. She then ran for a council seat in 2012 but did not have to defeat an opponent in order to claim victory.

This year, the seats belonging to Councilwoman Kristen Barneich and Councilman Jim Guthrie are up for election. Barneich has announced she is running for reelection. Guthrie has not indicated whether he will do so.

Mayor Jim Hill is also running for reelection. Ray is not aligned with Hill politically and is considered an ally of Barneich. Some speculated Ray would run for mayor, not council, this year. No one other than Hill has thus far entered the mayoral race.

“The city’s current mayor and council have really been struggling over the past two years,” Ray stated in a press release. “Trying to lead by looking in the rear-view mirror won’t work. It’s time to move the city forward again.

In Nov. 2014, Hill defeated longtime Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara, despite running as a write-in candidate. Hill’s victory came amid a city hall sex scandal that also led to the resignation of then-city manager Steve Adams.

Since Adams resigned in early 2015, Arroyo Grande has had one full-time city manger and two interim managers. The council voted unanimously to fire City Manager Dianne Thompson on Tuesday.


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We should NEVER forget the character, honesty and integrity of Caren Ray, from her life as a harried runner, giving alcohol to minors, false police statements and her loyalty to developers.

Just some of her memories belows:…/arroyo-grande-councilwoman-leads-a-harried-secret-life /…/slo-county-supervisors-violate-campaign-disclosure-laws

Sorry Ms. Ray my memory is not that short your constant support of Ferrara is enough to not get my vote. Hopefully we will not make the same mistake we made when Barbara Harmon was elected, mainly on a “Anybody but Costello” feeling, we have been very disappointed. I’m sure Ms Ray is hoping for the same “Anybody but Guthrie(if he runs) and/or Barneich” feeling. But November is still a long way off and hopefully others are willing to run and actually help the city.

I guess Gary will be getting his checkbook out again.

And Nick Tompkins

The Tribune’s never once elected darling is back! Notice the BOLD headline in the Tribune today? No article about any one of a slew of other candidates making announcements recently. Just darling Caren. And NOT ANY RETORT of APCD being ordered to pay nearly 10% of its annual budget to plaintiff Friends of Oceano Dunes. You’d think that would be newsworthy. Nope. But, praise Allah! Caren Ray is back to carry the flag and save us (with her negative attacks and sour puss grapes)! Bold headlines to broadcast the (biased) good news!

Ahhh…the return of Cop u later

Look for Adam to promote her campaign.

Caren Ray states:

“The city’s current mayor and council have really been struggling over the past two years,” Ray stated in a press release. “Trying to lead by looking in the rear-view mirror won’t work. It’s time to move the city forward again.

Seriously Caren Ray?

Part of the reason the city was troubled was because of the cronyism and dishonesty engaged by you and people like Tony Ferrara and Wallace.

Slowly but surely transparency is coming back to AG because the people put a stop to the backroom shenanigans.

Putting Ray back in office will just roll the clock back to the days of “pay to play”

Go Away Ray !!!!

Caren’s righteous attitude that she knows better than all is a turn off. She needs to be more humble, and realize that the rest of the council can be just as smart as her…if not smarter.

She showed her true colors when she sat on the County Supervisor’s board. Her loyalty to the dishonest and unethical Adam Hill is shameful. The truth came out when she lost to Lyn Compton. This is a game of power for her, which does not make for a good and fair leader.

Her backers are still feeling the burn of their power being taken away. Running a city should not be about who has the power, it should be an opportunity to listen to the citizens and vote for the city improvement. From what I have read, the current council is finally coming together and has the citizens in their best interest. Things can’t change overnight, it takes time. But I feel like they are making headway.

Don’t lose ground by allowing this control freak and sweetheart to the developers come back.

Happiness would be…seeing Caren in our rear view mirror.

Ray has never won. Wow!

When she has spoken at Council meetings in the last year, she has acted like a big shot know-it-all. Guthrie looks exhausted and is probably ready to bow out.

Actually, her assessment of the City Councils achievements as “looking backward” is incorrect; she’s trying to convince the “we miss Tony” gang to work for her.

After all, the Council has banned styrofoam, allowed for residential growing of pot, finally closed the Brisco off ramps after realizing they have NO money for any other alternative. They have approved a motel and crammed residential project of Tompkins too.

If Caren Ray is elected, we can look forward to Nick Tompkins deciding what ALL of A.G. looks like!

“Trying to lead by looking in the rear-view mirror won’t work. It’s time to move the city forward again.

When are we going to be through with these simpletons? Oh, yeah, I guess we should move “forward” now, since you told us that is what we need to do… Wow, do you have ANY respect for the other voters, or are you used to being surrounded by democrat voters and never understood the need to sound intelligent and thorough?

Caren Ray: Demonstrating a willingness not to listen and a disdain for those with common sense, very much like her political mental, er…mentor, Adam Hill.