Crash north of Paso Robles kills at least one person

June 28, 2016

Kenworth_W900_semi_in_redAt least one person died in a crash on Highway 101 north of Paso Robles Tuesday morning. A Saab collided with a semi truck at around 4:50 a.m. near the Wellsona Road truck stop, according to the CHP.

Authorities have yet to release any more details about the collision. It is currently unclear how many people died in the crash.

CalCoastNews will update the story when the CHP releases more information.

In 2014, four San Miguel residents died in a Christmas Eve crash that also occurred on Highway 101 by the Wellsona Road truck stop. That accident involved a minivan and a semi-truck.


Is it just my imagination or is the accidents that seem to happen at this intersection on a

regular basis much like the acts of mass murder in this country?

Seems that after each of the mass murders- there is always the big hue and cry about

outlawing guns ( or at least some types of guns), endless hours of opinions by the ‘so-called’ experts on CNN or FOX, visits by the President (if enough people got killed); but when all is said and done – nothing gets done. And it starts all over and the next one happens.

Now back to this issue closer to home. How many accidents and or near-accidents have there been at the Wellsona and 101 intersection? And what do we hear – a big hue and cry about how dangerous it is, how something needs to be done, etc. etc. – but in the end – nothing gets done. And another accident occurs – another death and on and on.

What will it take to get Caltrans to fix this or for our county supervisors to demand something gets done? Will it take the death of a relative of a Caltrans official? Will it take the death of a relative of a county supervisor?


I had a harrowing experience there while traveling southbound when a semi unexpectedly made a left turn to enter the truck stop, while traveling the speed limit, I was barely able to react to avoid a collision. I can only assume that the semi driver was sleep deprived or distracted as to why he would make such a move. Knowing that one of the reasons they are pulling in there is to rest, it is prudent to expect the unexpected at that intersection. Maybe a reduced speed limit or some advanced warning signage would help, but as stated in other comment…….don’t hold your breath.

Jorge Estrada

Just curious if this new death will meet the Caltrans standards, as in head count, before a known problem will be funded as a project. To the South, San Luis Obispo to Santa Margarita, that stretch of highway 101 is collecting a body count too before a study, thence a funding search, thence a plan, thence an EIR, thence a RFP and so on before our taxes are appropriated to a project. Until then we die, wait for free and pay our taxes.