More SLO County Democrats voted in the primary than Republicans

June 11, 2016


More than 78 percent of registered Democrats in San Luis Obispo County voted in the California primary compared to a 58.6 percent Republican turnout, according to an election summary report released on Friday. There are 9,524 ballots remaining to be counted.

In San Luis Obispo County, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats 60,751 to 54,850. Nevertheless, 7,293 more Democrats than Republicans voted for a presidential candidate in Tuesday’s primary.

It is likely the high Democratic voter turnout impacted several local races.

In the District 1 supervisor race, Peschong took 45.94 percent of the vote and narrowly missed the 50 percent needed to win the District 1 seat in the primary. In a primary election, if no candidate gets over 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates advance to the general election.

Peschong and Democrat Steve Martin, who received 34.93 percent of the vote, will face each other in a November runoff election. With 5,863 more Republicans in District 1 than Democrats, Peschong is favored to win in the general election.

In the District 3 supervisor race, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 1,579. Even so, amid allegations of bullying and questions about his cozy relationships with developers, incumbent Supervisor Adam Hill, a Democrat, received only 41.80 percent of the primary election vote and is at risk of losing his seat to Dan Carpenter.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

Carpenter, registered decline to state, came in second place with 31.56 percent of the vote followed by Democrat Debbie Peterson with 26.41 percent of the vote.

In the District 5 supervisor race, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by 2,647. And while a recent CCN poll showed District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold, a Republican, leading Democrat Eric Michielssen by approximately 20 percent, with low Republican turnout Arnold won the seat in the primary election by only 6.9 percent of the vote.

In the local State Assembly race, the district leans Republican. Nevertheless, Democrat Dawn Ortiz-Legg came in first with 44.6 percent of the vote, followed by Republican Jordan Cunningham with 37.7 percent, Republican Steve LeBard with 14.6 percent and Libertarian Dominic Rubini with 3.1 percent. Ortiz-Legg and Cunningham will face off in November.

While Ortiz-Legg led in the primary, because Lebard split some of the Republican vote and a greater percentage of Republicans are expected to vote in the general election, Cunningham may be favored to win in November.

The 35th State Assembly District consists of all of San Luis Obispo County and much of northern Santa Barbara County, including Santa Maria and Lompoc.

The low Republican voter turnout in San Luis Obispo County has likely contributed to Republican Katcho Achadjian’s failure to advance on as a candidate for the 24th District congressional seat. In addition, Katcho’s support of a Paso Robles basin water district, which was rejected by 77 percent of voters,  was a factor in increased voter dissatisfaction.

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian

Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian

The 24th Congressional District consists of all of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and part of Ventura County. Voter registration in the district is 37 percent Democrat, 33 percent Republican and 23 percent decline to state.

Democrat Salud Carbajal is leading with 31.9 percent of the votes and will likely face off with Republican Justin Fareed in November. Fareed trails Carbajal with 20.7 percent of the vote followed by Achadjian at 19.0 percent.

In San Luis Obispo County, Achadjian has 6,463 more votes than Fareed. However, in Santa Barbara County, Fareed leads over Achadjian by 9,196 votes. Overall, Achadjian trails Fareed by 3,020 votes.

Final counts are expected to be completed by the end of June.


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Here is the deal:

People have to do their OWN research. We cannot listen to a Youtube commercial, a candidate’s talking points. We the People need to look at a candidate’s voting record, their professional and business behavior, their decision making. We need to look at their Corporate lobbyists.

Hilary Clinton- she got that 3am phone call she chastised Obama for, and we now have Benghazi. She used private e-mail servers for business. I understand the need for separate business and personal e-mails, but now she looks shady even if we were to assume she was not shady. She has flip-flopped on the issues of gay marriage, illegal immigration. In fact, she should be called “Big Tuna” because her position changes depending on the audience, flopping around like a fish.

Trump. I am still in shock that he is the Republican nominee. REALLY? He is the epitome of hypocrisy. He is so opposed to illegal immigration that he wants to build a wall. He himself hired illegal immigrants, then would not pay them. He was PRO gay marriage, then opposed to gay marriage, now ??? He is anti union, thus probably anti social security. When the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City went bankrupt (HIS company), HE stayed rich and happy with his golden toilet while his employees lost their pensions. Anyone out there drawing a pension? Anyone else out there loving their social security check? This guy doesn’t seem to care about the “little guy”. How many wives has this guy had? His first wife fought this guy for half his stuff. Good for her!! He cheated on his wife then wanted to leave her pennies. That was the mother of his 3 oldest children!!

I am just looking at this mess and really wondering how we got here. THESE are the choices. and YES, they ARE our choices. We are not a democracy. We are a republic. We have our super delegates who put up our votes, but it leaves our non-two party candidates lacking. There should be a limit on the amount a candidate can spend. Period.

These are very frustrating times.

Benghazi? Really? How about Afghanistan? How about Iraq? How does one miss mentioning the Stand down orders from the deserter bush regime on 911? But Benghazi? Even the witch hunter Freak hair Gowdy admitted he redacted info.

Yes, the e-mail server was a bad idea but Seriously and how a Human being alive could even consider Trump as a representative of America. Is beyond me.

I agree with you on Hillary and Trump but to mention Benghazi. C’mon.

Is anyone with half a brain, really surprised? Dems have run this state for decades and own every problematic issue rearing it’s head.

The number of registered dems far exceeds that of registered rebs here in SLO county and every election cycle we are faced with the same problems that the last election said it would solve( just vote in another frivolous bond measure or onerous bill limiting our rights). Seems like all the past election cycles have not produced much in the way of substantial benefit to the voting public, yet those same dem legislators are preparing another round of dumb laws and expensive debt ridden bonds to attempt to cover their butts until the next cycle…

It’s been a week since the election, come on people remove your signs, especially Debbie Peterson, you are way behind in taking down your signs

I do not care about statistics, the voters will vote and will get what they deserve. If you want more taxes, that support government employment, vote a Democratic ticket, if you want to control a limit on government employment vote a Republican ticket. It is basically that simple, the consequences are obvious in California’s Democratic control, debt, lack in funding infrastructure and the absolute need for more, more, forget the past and more taxes. It is best to ignore divisive statistics and focus on your ability to retire in California, many government workers take their fat purse and retire elsewhere, kind-a-like leaving the State they soiled. Again, my opinion is to not pay attention to divisive statistics, vote for government who’s consequences are affordable.

And the Republican’s Bush Jr.’s era “… consequences are (were) affordable.”? Jr created almost ten times more public sector (government) jobs than Obama has. In Obama’s first term he actually brought the number of public sector jobs down.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Secretary Clinton I would never cast a vote for idiot Trump, the Republican’s “presumptive” nominee. If I did wouldn’t I be casting a “yes” vote for bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny? Or are those the real core values of the NRC and those who would cast a vote for Trump? Wouldn’t I be casting a vote for a guy who has filed for Chapter 11 protection four (4) times? Wouldn’t I be casting a vote for the most divisive candidate in history?

No county District Supervisor race is supposed to be based on political party.

Except every elected SLO county Supe has a political party alliance – even Dan Carpenter, when he’s being honest about his party affiliation *cough* REPUBLICAN *cough*

I want my supervisor to be about US. The people. Not the Blue people, the Red people, the Parts In-between People. Just the US people.

Debbie Peterson has always been issues-based and unifying. I respect that very much.

Wrong, Carpenter leans Libertarian and Peterson is a Democrat…what’s your point?