SLO County’s primary election winners

June 8, 2016
Supervisor Debbie Arnold

Supervisor Debbie Arnold

Supervisor Debbie Arnold won reelection Tuesday night by a 6 percent margin. The other two county supervisor races are heading to runoffs, and in one of them, Supervisor Adam Hill is at risk of losing his job.

In the District 1 race, political consultant John Peschong received 45.61 percent of the vote, and Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin received 35.19 percent which mirrored a CalCoastNews poll from a month earlier. Peschong and Martin will face each other in a November runoff election.

Paso Robles Councilman John Hamon and Paso Robles attorney Dale Gustin were also on the 1st District ballot. Hamon finished with 16.05 percent and Gustin 2.86 percent.

Hill received 42.26 percent of the vote in District 3, which put him in first place. However, Hill’s two challengers received a combined total of 57.50, signalling that Hill is at risk of losing in November.

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter advanced to the runoff election against Hill. Carpenter edged former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson by about 5 percent. Carpenter received 31.23 percent of the vote and Peterson received 26.27 percent.

Arnold defeated challenger Eric Michielssen in District 5, the lone county supervisor race with just two candidates. The incumbent supervisor won 53.02 to 46.74. Michielssen performed better than polls indicated he would, but Arnold still managed to win a second term in office.

In the local State Assembly race, Democrat Dawn Ortiz-Legg and Republican Jordan Cunningham moved onto the general election. Ortiz-Legg received 44.9 percent of the vote, and Cunningham received 37.3 percent of the vote.

The losing candidates in the race were Republican Steve Lebard and Libertarian Dominic Rubini. Lebard garnered 14.8 percent and Rubini 3.0 percent.

Though Ortiz-Legg received the most votes in the primary, Cunningham may be favored to win the general election. Lebard split some of the Republican vote in the primary, and the Assembly district leans Republican. The 35th District consists of all of San Luis Obispo County and much of northern Santa Barbara County, including Santa Maria and Lompoc.

Voters in Cayucos rejected the only local initiative on the ballot Tuesday. A tax measure with the aim of funding a full-time fire department needed a two thirds vote to pass. Only 39.86 percent of Cayucos voters supported it.


What took the results so long to come in? I swear, at about 10:30 there was still only 1 to s precincts reporting and I finally said, “Screw it!” and went to sleep. Not sure what the hold up was…slowest I have ever seen.


“1 to 3” precincts.


Worse than molasses in the snow. I hit the sack, too, as the lack of anticipated updates was making be drowsy. Gong and his crew must have encountered a snag. Perhaps they were waiting for a Starbucks coffee delivery that went awry?

Jorge Estrada

Machines read our personal checks yet there are no machines to count the dots? There must be an app for that.

Jorge Estrada

Feeling good because I see hope for SLO County, the let’s tax our way to a better government mindset took a big hit last night. The likes of Supervisor Debbie Arnold are for keeping costs at bay and using the existing tax dollars as intended. The freebies are not free and we don’t need to assume any more State funded liabilities. Most people do not understand bad government until they finally say I’m leaving California. I’m here to stay and my vote is with that in mind. Yes there are many good Democrats but some offer the freebies just to get elected which means at your expense. This can exist on both camps but I always vote fiscally conservative and live like I need to pay for what I need. Go SLO County! The county of real and responsible people have opened their eyes.


Don’t assume Dan Carpenter is a shoo-in for District 3 Supervisor. Registered voters IN ALL FIVE DISTRICTS need to actively promote Dan during the next critical six months. Even if you don’t live in District 3 but you live in the County, you must share the responsibility to make sure Adam Hill does NOT come back for another catastrophic four-year term!


Definitely do not assume. Hill and Peterson are D’s (69%), Carpenter is an R (31%). A lot of people just vote on name recognition and no nothing of the issues. I’ve successfully enlightened a few Hill supporters. Ask them why they support Hill. They will often say they are wary of growth and development. Tell them Hill is a hypocrite who is on the developers payroll and that the R’s on the BOS are more likely to question impacts and quality of life issues and not automatically approve any specific development. Explain that they have no reason to vote to keep this hypocritical reprobate on the board and that their true candidate, Debbie Peterson, lost, this time. She is welcome to run against Carpenter in 4 years and she would stand a very good shot at winning. We need, above all, good people on the BOS, not viscous local machine-style political animals never before known in SLO County. As it happens to be, Arnold and Compton are good people, as are Debbie Peterson and Dan Carpenter. Hill and Gibson are not. Bring back good liberal supervisors like Kurt Kupper, Richard Kresja and Shirley Bianchi


Carpenter’s “party” is “decline to state.” Other than that, your comments are spot on.


I suspect that Carpenter is “Decline to State” because he realizes that he needs some moderate and liberal support to win in this district. He is fairly conservative and I can only hope that he is willing to buck the GOP/conservative party line on some issues occasionally because I would like to be able to support him against Hill. People that some of you disparge as “RINOs” can be, from my point of view, the best of both worlds.


Adam had to keep Dee under control after her outburst at the fundraiser.

Good job Dan, keep up the good work.

Dan Carpenter D3 supervisor!


I like Debbie Peterson. If she were moving on to November I would support her.

My check to Dan Carpenter is going in the mail today.

We must come together and support Dan, it is the only way to beat the bully.

Peterson + Carpenter = Fire Adam Hill 2016


Ms. Peterson is smart AND gracious. She wants Hill out as much as anyone – he is bad for District 3. Dan would welcome her support, and I have no doubt she’ll give it.


Not just District 3, the entire county. People today think supervisors are there to represent their district’s constituents. They are there to make decisions for the entire county. The districts are only for the purpose of proportional representation.


Things are looking up in SLO County. Too bad John Hamon didn’t bow out instead of taking the winning margin away from Peschong. Peschong will prevail in November in my opinion, but it could have been over last night.

Congrats to Debbie Arnold and her campaign for taking it outright last night. Well deserved!

Now we need to remove Adam Hill. Another four years of his shenanigans is more than the taxpayers of this county can bare. Time for Peterson supporters to get on the Carpenter bandwagon, time for civility to return to the 3rd District.

If Dems stay with the party line instead of doing the right thing, shame on them. Also seems very odd to me when Hill has no gathering for his supporters on election night…what message does that send to those who stuck by him?


As a Peterson supporter, I will likely vote for Dan Carpenter in November. However, here is something all you hard core conservatives might want to consider. You will need about 3/4 of the Peterson vote to oust AHill if things stay the same as they are now. That won’t be easy if these mostly moderate to liberal voters see Carpenter as a hard-core, party-line conservative — and many of his supporters come across that way. They may not be voting for Hill but they also have the option of not voting for either. That is the way I feel about the Presidential election.

Rich in MB

Adam Hill is in a Panic this morning…

Folks if you have been complaining about Adam Hill then this is your time to put up or shut up.

Help Dan Beat the Bully!


Congratulations, Supervisor Debbie Arnold, for the great job you have done and the greater job you will have in the future. We appreciate all your hard work in making this County great!

just the facts

Great news overall re county re-election results for the Board of Supervisors! Congrats to Supervisor Debbie Arnold for winning a second term in the 5th District. And congrats to John Peschong for his big lead going into the November election in the 1st District. Yea Debbie and John!

And a BIG congrats to Dan Carpenter for his win to face off against Adam Hill in November. It is not an easy job to take on an incumbent with a bank account of $200,000, and a bad attitude! Interesting to note Hill only received a low 42.26 percent of the vote. which is not a good number for an incumbent! It is also interesting to note that Hill did not have a gathering of his supporters to cheer him on last night. Guess he stayed home to sulk!

Go Dan Go!