SLO sheriff to expand gang task force

June 23, 2016

slo sheriff flashThe San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors allocated more than $230,000 to add two deputies to the Sheriff’s Gang Task Force. Sheriff Ian Parkinson says gangs from Santa Maria, as well as Monterey and Kern counties, are moving into SLO County. [KSBY]

Sheriff’s officials requested funding for the new deputies during last week’s county budget hearings. Starting in July, the new gang task force members are expected to patrol areas including Oceano and Templeton.

Parkinson says the gangs that the sheriff’s office is dealing with are primarily Hispanic, but there are also motorcycle gangs appearing in North County and white supremacy gangs in the Five Cities area. More manpower is needed to prevent the gangs in neighboring areas from moving into SLO County, Parkinson said.

In 2015, there were 13 murders in Santa Maria and 40 in Salinas, most of which were due to gang violence. Kern County had 81 homicides in 2015 and has had 54 thus far in 2016, according to KGET.

Though Kern County has a sizeable gang problem, it also has the distinction of being the nationwide leader in fatal police shootings. Law enforcement officers killed more people per capita in Kern County last year than in any other county in the United States. As of early December, Kern County officers had killed 13 people in 2015.

The SLO Sheriff’s Office says the new task force members will not solve the county’s gang problem, but will help address the issue.


Hispanic gangs? Like the gangs Donald Trump got ridiculed for referring to? It was only a matter of time before gang activity reached the pristine borders of SLO. I hate to say it but local law enforcement will need to take the gloves off and deal with these gangs before they get out of hand. The feds have proved to be totally ineffective at securing the nation from gangs and terrorist in recent years. If you ask me the war powers act needs to be reasserted to deal with drug gangs and terrorism. The southern borders need to be slammed shut because these thugs seemingly move back and fourth at will doing business and God knows what else in our country. Yep we need a wall. Trump was right about that too.


Local LE may be in over their heads very fast….cartel shit is the big leagues, and Obama’s DOJ is too PC to lay the smack down.


Nice stat on Homicides for surrounding counties…. But how many were in SLO county? None in the Sheriff’s jurisdiction. So how is this justified again? Why do I have to pay for another two deputies?


I think the SLOC Sheriff and local city law enforcement agencies need to be covertly BRUTALLY HARDCORE when it comes to gangs. Vanquish them — no matter what it takes. If gang members go missing, who the hell would care? Only so many would before the word got out to say the heck out of SLO County.


So what you are saying is you want a fascist police force that “disappears” people who are on a list somewhere?

After all it would never stop at gang’s and would end up including general criminals then opposition politicians and campaign workers, journalists and anybody else who annoys someone special.

How do we know this? Because of the thousands of time it has happened.

SamLouis You want fascism? Plenty of places have that and you can go there, because this is America.


Motorcycle Club’s are not gangs!


Some of them are like the Hell’s Angels, Bandidos, Mongoloids, etc., etc. Absolute scum of the Earth.


I believe that’s Mongols, not Mongoloids. Mongoloid is an archaic, derogatory term once used to denote a person with Down’s Syndrome.


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That song was in poor taste in 1994 and still is today.


Most likely these opposing gangs will target each other for elimination, and hopefully the collateral damage will be held to a minimum. I agree, two deputies is not nearly enough, I for one would feel a lot safer if I had the ability to defend myself and my family. That became a lot more difficult with the recent ruling that says the right to defend yourself is not just cause the issue of a concealed carry permit….now, only the criminals are armed. I can only hope Sheriff Parkinson is sympathetic to our right to defend ourselves when it comes to issuing permits. It won’t solve the gang problem, but many of us would feel a lot less vulnerable when we are out and about away from our homes.The times they are a changing, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.


I agree that self protection is part of the issue. And yes, they will target each other. But increased gangs will increase the entire crime rate and there will be an increased sense of fear.

If Hillary wins, most likely anyone who engages in self-defense will be prosecuted. That and and continued/increased hatred of police.

There’s always a rotten apple. I wish people would quit generalizing the few rotten apples to all law enforcement. Obama and Hillary have instigated this attack and generalization that paints police in a negative light.

just thinking

Or sell the Dodge Viper toy ??? Remember the PG&E trough is going to dry up.


It’s going to take a lot more that 2 extra deputies to keep the degenerates out.

There should be a massive fundraiser from the citizens to fund gang task. Relying on such meager funds from the county is like throwing in the towel.

Also, there needs to be total public support our sheriff’s attack on gangs. Without total support it’s going to be so bad here….very shortly.

Keeping the gangs under check is the number one problem for our county. Problem is that so many don’t understand that by the time they realize the significance of gangs, it will be too late.


It’s not a matter of “degenerates.” It’s a matter of killers and maimers…


Sheriff Parkinson: You’re doing a fabulous job, keep up the great work!


Certainly better than past SLO Sheriffs. At the same time he weakens his reputation with toys like the Dodge Viper patrol unit, the ridiculously expensive watercraft, the mounted posse, etc.

People notice…


Maybe Parkinson should sell his panga toy to pay for these new officers