3 officers killed, 3 injured in Baton Rouge ambush, video

July 17, 2016

Three police officers are dead and at least three others injured in what is being described as an ambush Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. One suspect is dead and officers believe two others are at large.

At about 9:30 a.m., officers were responding to a report of a man with a gun when a group of gunman opened fire on them. The scene of the shooting is still active with some media reporting a standoff between officers and one of the shooters.

The shooting occurred in a community that has seen anti-police protests since the death this month of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, who was shot and killed as he wrestled with two white police officers outside a Baton Rouge convenience store.


curiouser and curiouser

There is a War On Police nationwide! Revolutionaries who want to bring down our Republic are targeting our local police and the plan is to create a race war between blacks and whites. The ‘thin blue line’ is the only group standing between us, criminals and the revolutionaries. Support our local police and keep them independent!


Lack of leadership, leading from behind, whatever you call it….it’s not working. Time for a change in direction in the White House not just a change in gender.


You all should slow down for a minute before you start theorizing.

The shooter was a marine and a veteran of the Iraq war. All the indications are that he was a “sovereign citizen”:


Sovereign Citizens can run the gamut from basically harmless goofballs who believe that certain magic words can make it so that they don’t have to obey the law all the way to dangerous nuts like Cliven Bundy or Timothy McVeigh. For more info on Sovereign Citizens, here’s a good primer:



Why do you believe anything the southern poverty law center says? They are an extremely biased ‘source’.



I think we’re going to disagree about SLPC. But that’s fairly irrelevant to this particular case. However, if you require more citations to sources on what “sovereign citizens” believe, there are all kinds of sources. Is “Police Magazine” more trustworthy to you?



This guy knows more about right-wing terrorist than most




No one else has prevailed against neo Nazis lol the order and all sorts of right-wing racist wackadoodles just for starters!


Heh, you posted this yesterday before the facts were in and were just parroting what you got from some mainstream media idiots who were spreading rumors without facts themselves.

Now that the dust has settled somewhat it is conformed that Gavin ‘Cosmo’ Long was a black radical steeped in Black Panther cop-killer ideology.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media headlines are saying ‘Former Marine’ as if that is the most relevant piece of background information on him rather than his radical black ties.

Anyone who would glom onto anything the SPLC says right after an incident before facts are in is either a useful idiot or a leftist shill with an agenda.


America seems to be spiraling into a violent abyss from which there is little hope unless we end the hatred, prejudice, intolerance,and differences and learn to live as one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Sadly, I don’t think it will happen ion my lifetime.

Mr. Holly

Where are all of the black leaders while these executions are happening? Most have openly come out and supported the BLM. Their support in my opinion may be mostly responsible for what is currently going on. It may have all started when POTUS stated that some police were stupid.This is shameful that it appears that most black political leaders have said nothing or very little about these deaths.

If they were as strong as the black police chiefs and Sheriff’s that are speaking out on this we all may be able to start to get a handle on this.

I ask, where is America going? Crooked politicians from the top down, no respect for the police and robbing the everyday American on a daily basis. SAD.

Extremely Stoic

In a Godless society you will find the devil alive and active in the pursuit of evil.

Indy thinker

Why would any God allow this to happen?


You can’t throw God out of every aspect of society and then ask where he is when bad things happen.


Time to invoke the USA Patriot Act and declare BLM/Black Panthers as terrorists. Turn the county inside out to ferret out and crush these assholes.


You’ve heard the cries from the BLM movement, abolish the police department!!! Fence off the these shitholes of so called humanity, surround them with Academi and let them exterminate themselves with their gangs, crack and violence. These idiots think this is helping their movement with these killings? Nothing more than domestic terrorism thanks to all the bleeding heart politicians in this country who’ll kiss anyone bunghole for a vote.


So sad. We behave badly, all around………..


And neither side is willing to step up and make the first gesture towards addressing things


We know where the BLM/Kill Cops/Liberal/Media/Racist side stands. What would you like the LE/LE Supporters side to do? 99%+ of the time the cops are exonerated and the shootings are justified. It does not matter to BLM et al, they just care about unrest, division, and riots.


“And neither side is willing to step up and make the first gesture towards addressing things”

So much this

(I logged in just to up-vote your comment.)


You should really go to Fresno or LA and do a police ride-along for about a month. Then you might begin to have a sense of your nonsense. Just begin to.


True! And all this violence reflects the stater of the union….severely divided along racial lines…for some 300 years now.