Pit bull attacks elderly woman in Atascadero

July 17, 2016

ambulance 4A pit bull attacked an 85-year-old woman Friday morning on Morro Road near the intersection of Highway 101. [KSBY]

At about 9 a.m., Mary Martindale was headed to the bank when the dog, which was on a leash, lunged at Martindale and bit her left arm. Martindale was transported to the hospital. She suffered a deep laceration and required surgery.

The owner of the dog was arrested on a parole violation.

Animal control plans to have the pit bull euthanized. It is unclear if charges will be filed against the dog’s owner.


Sad story. I was wondering how high pit bulls could “lunge” (especially if on a leash), when I came across this:

Video of Pit Bull jumping quite high (HOLY COW!)

Mary Ann Redfern

If you are not aware of the public safety emergency that pit bulls have become USA-wide, you have a HUGE shock coming. Please go to Dogsbite.org and read the victims list for the last several years. Or, if you prefer, simply Google “pit bull attacks” and feast your eyes. Warning…gruesome tales of mutilation and death to people and animals.


So sad. I work with dozens of “Pitties” at my local shelter. Find them all to be exceptionally good, gentle dogs. Hate to see the animal pay for the owner’s poor care and training.


“Pitties”? I guarantee that you are the only one reading this story who thinks that’s cute.

Why is it always the lovable pitties that en up in these news stories? Maybe it’s the breed AND the owner..


You are absolutely WRONG! I have a Pittie and she’s the best dog I’ve ever had. I think the term Pitties is cute.


Pit Bull owners never fail to believe that their little babies are the most gentle and well-behaved animals ever — until they’re not.

Mary Ann Redfern

Pit bulls (bull and terrier, as the dogmen who created this godforsaken breed called them), were bred for one thing and one thing only…..to kill each other in dog fighting pits for the bloodsport, gambling pleasure of the despicable dogmen who bred them to do just that. Pit bulls have been used for dog fighting ever since, even though it is now illegal in most countries and is, in fact, a felony in all 50 states of the USA. WHY are pit bulls, almost exclusively, used for dog fighting, you ask? BECAUSE it is what they were BRED for over 200 years ago in England and they are VERY GOOD at it. By “working” with pit bulls, you are putting your life and limbs at risk every day. Also, by recommending pit bulls as “good pets”, YOU have become a part of the HUGE problem of pits maiming and killing people and animals each year in the USA. Aren’t you so proud? UGGGGH


Frickin asswipee, dude with dog took his eyes off the ball, cost elderly lady harm, death sentence for dog with more justifiable prejudices to breed to come, though not all pits need be like this, and perhaps no lesson to be learned…no one wins…man on parole must feel justifiably like shit….feel sorry for what victim has to go through…prayers for full recovery…


Yeah, pit bulls are just misunderstood. they are as gentle as a poodle. Euthanize all of them and put all their owners in jail.


“The owner of the dog was arrested on a parole violation.” I hope they also charge him for possession of a weapon.