Arroyo Grande deserves a responsive and engaged council

July 18, 2016
LeAnn Akins

LeAnn Akins


My name is LeAnn Akins and I am running for a seat on the Arroyo Grande City Council.

Over the last two years I have closely watched and participated in the local political landscape. I have come to have an understanding of the issues facing our community and want to work to ensure they are dealt with effectively. I will work for fiscal responsibility, open and transparent communication, and sustainable development.

Our current budget out-spends our revenues by $339,600. This needs to be addressed so we do not continue to draw from our reserves. We need to work to retain our current businesses and work even harder to bring in new local business to our city to increase our revenues.

The citizens of Arroyo Grande deserve to have a truly responsive and engaged council; one which listens and takes into consideration concerns, questions, and ideas from all stakeholders in the city prior to making a decision. Inclusiveness leads to having full information, a view from 360 degrees, which in turn leads to better decisions for the community.

Development will continue, but the issue is, in what manner will it continue? Sustainability must be part of this conversation. Every development-focused conversation should lead to a conversation about water. Development and water need to be addressed simultaneously.

I also believe that Arroyo Grande deserves to have a council more representative of the city as a whole—our representatives should come from other neighborhoods in addition to the village. The village is part of Arroyo Grande’s heritage and is important, and so is the rest of the city. Therefore, the people who make up the governing body of the city should come from different neighborhoods, again to provide a 360 degree view of the city and the issues faced by the city.

I will serve you as a servant-leader should—putting the greater good first and avoiding self-serving decisions. The stake I have in this local race is only tied to my desire to do the right thing for the citizens of Arroyo Grande through a vigilant, ethical stance.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you about your concerns, questions, and ideas.  Please call me directly at (805) 710-0406.

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Le Ann, I agree with your characterization of the city and it’s difficulties in governance that is anything but cohesive, but there is going to continue to dissension and unrest as long as the old guard, with their old ways and non-progressive ideals, continues to influence the decision makers.

Perhaps you will be a starting place,

The Genesis of a new hope, fellowship, and community… Lord knows AG needs it.

Best of luck..

And one if question Ms. Akins is how would you deal with a city staff that clearly has it’s on agenda and has proven they have little respect for the current council, and has shown they feel they know best when it comes to what the council should and should not know and should and should not discuss and vote on?, and please a real answer not a feel good one.

Good Morning Kayaknut,

I wanted to respond to the question you posed last night on this blog. I agree that staff and the coucnil need to work on communication and the idea of collaboration. So here is your real answer.

The first part of the answer needs to focus on the role of the City Manager. The City Manager is the employee of the council and needs to take direction from the council. If you have a city manager leading, then that means the council is not leading. The council needs to be stronger when it comes to giving direction to the City Manager, so the City Manager can ensure that direction is being carried out by the department heads and the city staff.

A more collaborative enviornment needs to be built in order for this kind of transition to take place.

We also need council members who do not rely solely on staff to provide them needed information in order to make informed decisions. Council members need to take proactive steps to research the issues outside of the information staff provides. There are experts in any given field–council members need to find them, and ask what kind of information they can share related to the issues at hand.

I hope this answers your question. It is good one, and a tough one. If you would like to chat more, please do not hesitate to connect with me directly at 805-710-0406.

I appreciate they reply. Regarding our new city manager, your thoughts on this plan. Hire one that a simple internet search doesn’t raise any red flags, pay a salary on the low end of scale to start, with a defined (by the city council) plan that states goals and expectations. All of this discussed openly at various city council meetings, and modest raises only if the goals are met. A relocation allowance that states a maximum amount of reimbursements upon submitting of actual moving expenses. There should also be a morals clause in the managers contract, which also should include the ability to terminate with cause and no payout if the goals are not met or upon violation of the morals clause. Maybe a citizens committee to assist the council is the next selection.


DO NOT elect Adam Hill as 3rd District Supervisor!

DO NOT elect Caren Ray to AG City Council!

DO NOT reelect Kristen Barneich!

Let’s move our community together and end our association with people who seek to divide and sell us out to developers.

Stop influence peddling by getting rid of these three.

We deserve better!

while i agree in spirit with this imposter who appears to be having a bit of a laugh…..the real josey wales would say never elect KFB because she was appointed in the first place, as was CR who amazingly served 6 years and was never elected.

Josey Wales says dont allow yourself to be manipulated by feel good artists.

Sorry you need to correct one line, it should be DO NOT elect Kristen Barneich, she was never elected originally so technically is not running for RE-election, only running to be elected a first time.

I can’t vote for her but I wish I could. By the look on here face, I can tell that she has a very accurate BS filter.