Cambria teen drowns in Lake Nacimiento

July 30, 2016
Nacimiento Lake

Nacimiento Lake

A 16-year-old Cambria boy died from drowning on Friday in Lake Nacimiento in North San Luis Obispo County, according to a press release.

At about 5:40 p.m., the teen was swimming with some friends in the Heritage Ranch area of the lake when he swam away from the group. The teen then appeared to be in distress and went under water.

Bystanders attempted to rescue the boy, but they could not find him.

At 8:15 p.m., sheriff dive team members found the teens body and pulled it from the lake. Until the teen’s next of kin is notified, his name is not being released.

The sheriff’s coroner unit is currently investigating the death. No further information is being released at this time.

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That sucks so bad as to be unimaginable!

Why weren’t the rescuers and dive team there at a moment’s notice to save him?

Do you see the size of the lake and first responders are to be there at a moments notice

Don’t forget his friends had to get out of the water, call 911, then first respnders had to drive/boat to the area, in that small amount of time, probably 4 minutes had passed and the child was dead.

Sorry someone lost their life, but first responders can’t be every where all the time.

I’ve read enough of your posts to recognize the sarcasm but many others have not. You might try to indicate your intent more clearly.

I can’t help it if you are the only one that pays attention around here. :)

The article I was making fun of was only a couple of weeks ago…how soon people forget.