Goleta prostitution sting nets 20 arrests

July 10, 2016

Wiki-prostituteIn a prostitution sting conducted at an undisclosed hotel in Goleta on July 7 and 8, Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies arrested 20 men for soliciting sex or participating in prostitution, sheriff officials announced.

Detectives placed online advertisements on backpage.com, a website known for online prostitution, that listed a female seeking money for engaging in sexual acts. Once the ad was placed, a female undercover detective negotiated payments and sexual acts with Johns. The detective then directed Johns to a Goleta hotel room.

Once a John arrived at the hotel room, he was arrested for solicitation of prostitution.

Sheriff officials said their goal is to reduce human trafficking and prostitution in the cities of Goleta and Santa Barbara.

“Many women who engage in prostitution are victims of various types of abuse and human trafficking,” the sheriff’s department said in a press release. “One issue that drives human trafficking is the demand for women to engage in prostitution. By conducting these types of operations, the intention is to deter people or the “Johns” from searching for a prostitute, thereby reducing the demand and hopefully reducing the amount of women who fall victim to the abuse of human trafficking.

The following men were booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail for solicitation of prostitution:

Nho Nguyen, 59, of Santa Barbara

Edward Farley, 66, of Santa Barbara

Allen Obiols, 51, of Santa Barbara

Vatche Agob, 20, of Isla Vista

Jesus Saldana, 28, of Santa Barbara

Justin Litterelle, 35, of Philadelphia

Ger Hang , 31, of Lompoc

Laszlo Nagy-Berta, 44, of Ventura

Eric Fowler, 43, of Fresno

Isaac Kielmanowicz, 20, of Santa Barbara

Keisuke Hata, 21, of Goleta

Ramon Chavez-Antolino, 34, of Santa Barbara

Christopher Blaul, 48, of Santa Barbara

Peter Gaum, 57, of Santa Barbara

Matthew Wu, 20, of Santa Barbara

Jose Torres, 23, of Goleta

Antonio Perez-Collado, 56, of Goleta

Juan Pimentel, 44, of Goleta

Juan Zepeda-Corona, 40, of Solvang

Jeremiah Frazier, 23, of Santa Barbara


Cmon man just go to Vegas!


You catch 20 dudes looking for a good time… do you really think that is going to solve any issues regarding human trafficking? Maybe a better use of resources would be to deal with drunk drivers, gang violence, domestic violence, etc.


pretty sick to think of the officers voyeuring in the closet. so sick.


If prostitution were made legal, human trafficking would drop dramatically (which makes it safer for women; many who are kidnapped end up in illegal brothels) STD’s would drop, and assault and robbery of prostitutes go down. And then-there is rape:

This is a quote from a study on early prostitution in NY: “A study conducted in Queensland… show[ed] a 149% increase in the rate of rape when legal brothels were closed in 1959, while other offenses against the person by males increased only 49%”. http://prostitution.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=000122

I think we need to become enlightened about the male sex drive. Men are just made differently than women. They just don’t see sex from the emotional/romantic viewpoint women do. I know one of the guys on this list, and he is a successful business person. How utterly humiliating for him.