SLO judge issues arrest warrant for Ryan Petetit

July 28, 2016
Ryan Petetit

Ryan Petetit

CLARIFICATION: The alleged misunderstanding was not between Ryan Petetit and his criminal attorney Patrick Fisher, but with one of his civil attorneys.

ORIGINAL: Embattled PB Companies developer Ryan Petetit did not show up to a debtor’s examination hearing in San Luis Obispo Superior Court Wednesday, prompting a judge to issue an arrest warrant. An attorney representing the developer claimed the no-show was a result of miscommunication between Petetit’s criminal and civil lawyers. [Tribune]

Petetit, 28, currently has several criminal and civil cases. The developer is accused of violently attacking his girlfriend, writing bad checks, breaching contracts and committing fraud. A lawsuit filed earlier this year also raised allegations that Petetit commingled investor funds, diverted investment monies, utilized shell companies and treated company assets as his own.

On Wednesday, Petetit was scheduled to appear at two criminal hearings, as well as one civil hearing. The civil hearing was for a breach of contract lawsuit filed last November by Petetit’s former attorney, Richard Rossi.

In April, a judge awarded Rossi a $1,615. judgement because Petetit did not respond to the lawsuit. On Monday, Judge Charles Crandall issued monetary sanctions and awarded Rossi an additional $500.

Petetit was required to appear in court Wednesday in order to report his financial assets. When Petetit skipped court, Crandall issued a $2,500 bench warrant for his arrest.

Patrick Fisher, Petetit’s criminal defense attorney, said his client planned to post bail Wednesday and have the warrant recalled.

Since PB Companies was founded in 2012, prosecutors have charged Petetit with five felonies and five misdemeanors. Follow Petetit’s arrest for violently beating his girlfriend last November, his partner John Belsher, 61, said Petetit was no longer involved in managing PB Companies. However, the men appear to still be working together, and have changed the names of many of their companies multiple times.

During the past few years, Belsher and Petetit have been under fire for allegedly not paying subcontractors, commingling funds, violating building codes and funneling investor monies into several companies they created, without disclosing their ownership to investors.

Belsher and Petetit have also gained attention for their ties to San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill. Several sources have told CalCoastNews that Hill has worked as a consultant for PB Companies. Hill has also filed a statement of information saying he was a managing member of a consulting company tied to the development firm.

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

This perp, Ryan Pettit, is the poster child for spoiled connected losers who prey on the innocent and use their contacts to get away with it.

I say we need to get rid of politicians who embrace guys like this, and it starts with saying NO to Adam Hill, Caren Ray, Bruce Gibson, Steve Lavignino, and Alice Patino. In there own way, each of these politicians have pursued their personal interests over the public interests, and we are better off without them representing us.

Confucius said, if a man’s character is not evident to you, look to their friends. Looking to the people these politicians surround themselves with, it is clear that they are morally corrupt and it is important to deny them the opportunity to represent us.

Just saying,


This is so stupid, it’s actually funny. His partner is a attorney, his friend is a county supervisor, he’s got relatives in law enforcement, he donates to the DA Dow, and he forgets to follow the law. How does this happen? SLO city council gives him carte blanch in developments throughout the town, has two attorneys on the payroll, and you forget?

This is Adam Hill’s most important donor for re-election, but how this happens, we just gotta laugh. Adam, Fulks, Ochs, Gibson, you fellas should do a better job of picking friends. I’m not sure, but Ryan could spell trouble, nah, not for you guys.

Thanks Ryan, for the laughs and good times, yah just can’t make this stuff up……

It’s all fun and games til he abuses his gf. That’s where it ends.

Thomas, you have to stop making unsubstantiated insinuations about Dow. It is pissing me off. I believe PB made one donation to Dow but, if I remember correctly, Petitit had nothing to do with it. It was made by a different executive. Even so, to insinuate that Dow would somehow go easy on this guy is just stoopid.

Mr/Mrs Perp, I surely don’t want to piss you off…..Do you understand who PB is? Belsher AND Petite, can’t separate ’em. They’re joined at the hip. Better check your facts, it was more than a single donation. When has DA Dow returned the monies? Again, don’t want to piss you off, facts are a ugly truth sometimes…..

Neither Petetit nor Belsher were the ones that gave the money to Dow. It was another party who worked at PB Industries if I remember correctly. Even so, your insinuation is off base as Dow is the FIRST DA to prosecute these criminals. I am irritated with you because every time anything close to the DA’s office comes up you through misguided arrows at Dow and then feign innocence like you have no nefarious purposes in doing so.

If he was relying on his attorney Patrick Fisher to remind him of the appearance that’s where he made his first mistake

His Civil Attorney is too busy romancing his new girlfriend

Has she been abused yet????

Perhaps he is vacationing in Mexico.

He could always call his partners, John Belsher or Adam Hill, I am sure they could be happy to bail this scum bag out of jail or whatever it takes!

Let’s see how many of his politically connected backers try and erase traces of their involvement in his crooked evevolution as a Madoff want to be. Those cheerleaders need to be publicly outed as the sellout corrupt scum they are. Finally the court has been given the evidence that has been clear to everyone else with connected brain cells. Let’s see if the courts actually do justice.

The last time this character was in Cal Coast News I told him in the comments that he could not sustain faking lawfulness, I gave him until Thanksgiving to avoid getting county food, looks like I was being optimistic. His snarky reply was forgettable so I forgot it…criminals gotta do crimes, they can’t help it…

We could of had a pool, for charity.

I guess when one has so many court cases going on and is being sued, arrested, charged and trying to stay one step ahead of creditors, it is hard to keep them all straight and remember all their court dates.

Cuz calendars are hard

Then there are the calendars on smart phones, even harder with all the beeping and stuff.


It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World!!!

Anger management issues!