Another water main breaks in downtown SLO

August 18, 2016

For the second time in the past three months a water main ruptured in downtown San Luis Obispo. A water main break Wednesday afternoon flooded the 1300 block of Chorro Street.

Around 4:30 p.m., flooding began on Chorro Street between Pacific and Pismo streets. Several cars were parked on the block at the time.

City workers responded to the scene and repaired the pipe, but the block of Chorro Street remained closed overnight, according to the San Luis Obispo Public Works Department.

In June, a 10-inch water main broke, flooding a block of Higuera Street shortly before Farmers’ Market. The broken pipe prevented F. McClintocks from serving food at Farmers’ Market.

A larger rupture occurred in May 2015, which caused 350,000 gallons of water to spill in downtown San Luis Obispo. That pipe had been installed in 1942.

City officials have said multiple times that pipes in San Luis Obispo are showing their age. Following the 2015 incident, Aaron Floyd, the city’s deputy water director, said it would cost $1 million per mile to replaces the city’s aging pipes. There are about 145 miles of pipeline in the city.

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This is happening all across the country; infrastructure failure. Remember the Obama stimulus package? Did they spend the money on repairing and replacing infrastructure? NO. They spent it on teachers and other government union employees.

Massive tax increases are coming all over the country. Hillary just isn’t going to tell you until after the election. The Dems will have to reveal the massive tax increases that will be needed to pay for the massive government debts, under funded pension plans, and deferred infrastructure spending.


Look at the taxes they pay in Europe and you will begin to appreciate how much we will soon be paying in taxes.

Deferred maintenance will bite you in the ass every time. You can pay me now…or PAY me later.

Ah, but think of how luxurious our public leeches who kicked this can down the road are now living, enjoying their early retirement! Keep those taxes and fees flowing, just like a broken water main, straight into the useless pockets of the inept!

Not to worry, Katie and Company all got their raises and Christmas gifts are likely on the way, why should they worry about a little water problem.

Besides Katie’s also not worried because they have plenty of water in Beverly Hills where she lives.

Does the endless renovation to the Monterey/Chorro area include updating the water mains?

If not, why not?

A Million bucks a mile, (almost 190.00 a foot), who put that bid in? Oh yeah, must have been Dee Torres Const.

Sounds like a bargain. Remember this is the same city that spent $800,000 on a new john in Laguna Park. And it didn’t even have gold-plated seats.

I suppose they’ll raise our water rates to pay the million bucks a mile.

It’s just a matter of time before this starts happening in Oceano.

They cant afford to repair their leaky pipes, yet can pay Ogren’s extremely generous salary.