Arroyo Grande police shoot carjacking suspect

August 25, 2016

Arroyo Grande PoliceArroyo Grande police shot a man involved in an alleged carjacking early Thursday morning. The suspect is undergoing surgery at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Around 6:25 a.m., officers responded to a report of an armed carjacking that was in progress at the AM/PM market on Grand Avenue. The suspect was said to be armed with a knife.

Before officers arrived, the suspect fled into the greenbelt area near Highway 101 northbound. Officers searched for the alleged carjacker, and one policeman confronted the suspect who was armed with a knife.

The officer then shot the suspect. Police have yet to disclose what occurred in the moments leading up to the shooting.

Responders administered first aid at the scene and then transported the suspect to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office will conduct an investigation into the shooting. An Arroyo Grande Police Department investigation is ongoing.



I’m just curious. Does anyone know why the ramp had to be closed for most of the day when this hapened so early in the morning? I know that the site needs investigation, but why does it take all day? I’m not trying to start controversy, really just interested in knowing what the follow up investigation involves.

Kudos to the AGPD! Shoot to stop, not kill. Well done.


The guy will sue Arroyo Grande and claim that the officer was not justified and used excessive force. The City and the police are preparing to defend themselves against the inevitable lawsuit. The guy will be charged with attempted felony carjacking. They must also be prepared to present the evidence in court. Fighting and resisting arrest is evidence of guilt and an aggravating factor.


We applaud our AGPD officers.

It’s no secret they are some of the best around the area.


KSBY says it was Thursday, and this site Wednesday. My guess would be the former source is the accurate one.


I was in that area about 6:40 am on Thursday and saw one cop car without lights on and heard no other excitement. Maybe the action was over or had moved elsewhere by then but I suspect that Wednesday was the date of the incident.






Money that is needed to take care of sick children will be spent taking care of this bum instead. Then there is the cost of prosecuting him and then the cost of prison. So many thousands of these criminals are hitting the street thanks to a Federal court deciding that we are being nice enough to convicted criminals. Their right to be comfortable in prison has trumped our rights to be safe in our streets and in our homes.


You have to earn your safety, it seems.

Sad to see this activity happen here now. But what else can we expect when SLO practically invites them?




Invite?, they are actually paid to come and paid to stay.



Stop living in and peddling fear. You’ll be healthier mentally. I’ll even help:

The national crime rate has been dropping for DECADES.

There is a perfectly legal and fiscal reason the inmates who have been released, HAVE been released. It has nothing to do with anyone being nice or mean. Emotion and feelings are 0% of the equation that led to the release.

Google is your friend.

Knowledge is power.


First an attempting robbery and now an attempted car jacking at the same location.

Good job by the police