Bus carrying farmworkers catches fire and crashes

August 12, 2016


A fiery bus with no one at the wheel rolled down a Santa Barbara County Highway and crashed into a ditch Thursday afternoon. Six people were injured and taken to the hospital, although only person suffered major injuries. [KEYT]

Shortly after 3 p.m., the retired school bus was carrying 28 farm workers, on Highway 135 near Orcutt, who were returning from a lettuce farm in Los Alamos. After the bus caught fire, the driver jumped out, as did some of the passengers.

Some of the passengers jumped out the backdoor, as well as the front side door. An undisclosed amount of passengers suffered burns.

The bus crashed into a ditch near Graciosa Way and came to a rest up against a tree. The fire spread to nearby grass and brush, burning about a half acre before firefighters extinguished it.

Responders transported the people who were injured to Marian Regional Medical Center. A second bus arrived at about 4:30 p.m. to take the remaining farmworkers home.

It is unclear what sparked the fire.

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nice opp for racist jokes.

Was that one of those Google buses?

Reminds me of the joke, “When I die, I want to go like my grandfather. Quietly, in my sleep. Not screaming like his passengers..”

That was supposed to be a reply to Cathy S. and her factual posting.

Stating facts here to provide a glimpse of reality does not provide any insight to a certain segment of society.

No amount of accurate information will change their beliefs.

For those of us that are curious and enjoy learning news things and ideas about the this awesome universe, it is weird. I am sure that having curiosity and a willingness to learn new things is weird to them.

It takes all kinds.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to those that were injured.

A badly maintained old school bus could split a fuel,line and light on fire. Modern fuel systems run at pretty high pressure, for the most part. Fuel makes a big fire quickly.

Armchair quarterbacks are always hypercritical of other people’s performance.

Given that no one died, perhaps the driver did well. Maybe we should ask the survivors how ell he or she did.

Lettuce pray for them.

But really, to be an ass and complain about possibly having to “pay” for a medical bill for these people who work, is just insensitive. Furthermore, you have zero information as to whether or not they have insurance. Now put down that salad you’re eating, with the lettuce they picked because you’re kids too white, and start researching who is really causing you financial hardship. Hint, they’re white and wearing suits.

Hint, what percentage of people in prisons and in our schools don’t belong here?

What is with this cowardly driver? Couldn’t he stop the bus and assist his passengers? This could have been a huge disaster. He needs to have his bus license revoked.

What makes you think he has a drivers license?

I wonder who gets to pay all the medical bills…. yeah I really have no idea.

Thanks to ObamaCare, you and I do!

And just who do you think paid it before “Obama” care? Hospitals cannot turn down uninsured patients. Now insurance pays for more people due to more people being insured. But just as before what you call “obama” care, insured people pay for uninsured people who cannot afford to pay their bills, we pay higher insurance rates to cover the losses hospitals incur treating uninsured people.