Arroyo Grande clerk beaten but staves off robbery, video

August 12, 2016

A robber punched a clerk at an Arroyo Grande AM/PM store, but neither he nor his accomplice managed to steal any cash.

After the botched robbery, the suspects escaped and they remain on the loose. The clerk escaped the attack without suffering any serious injuries.

Early Wednesday morning, two males wearing baggy clothing and coverings over their faces entered the AM/PM store located at the corner of East Grande Avenue and El Camino Real. One of the robbers attacked the clerk and demanded cash from the AM/PM safe, according to the Arroyo Grande Police Department.

Surveillance footage shows one of the suspects walk behind the counter, punch the clerk in the face and order him to put money in a bag. The clerk did not comply, and the robber kept throwing punches at him.

After taking a sideswipe to the face and then ducking under another punch, the clerk spun away from the attacker and tried to flee. The suspect who had been throwing punches chased the clerk while his accomplice went behind the counter. The accomplice did not manage to open the cash register or the safe.

The suspects then ran away. Officers responded to the scene and searched the surrounding neighborhood but did not locate the suspects. Witnesses last saw the robbers running toward Cornwall Avenue.

Investigators request that anyone with information about the robbery contact the police department.

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Those punks left their finger prints all over that store. How hard can it be to find them??

How tall was the clerk? Because that would have given the general public something to go on-since the male who assaulted him was roughly the same height. The reason for such reporting should always be aimed at garnering information from the public and resolving the crime. The height measurement chart that is on nearly every entrance to stores generally have the camera pointed at it so the suspect(s) height can be nailed right when they walk in. What went wrong here? Surely the clerk could have told you at least what his race was and if he had any sort of accent. I think the accomplice was a female.

I can not understand why AM/PM does not have a panic button near the register! I know that our local men in blue show up in minutes! Those punks could have been caught. Kudos for the clerk for not throwing his own punches. I hooe he is OK

I watched this video earlier in the day today and it has been pissing me off ever since. That kid was just doing his job (quite well). I can’t even process why someone would just hit and continue to hit someone that has done absolutely nothing to them.

These idiots have probably never worked a day in their lives and wouldn’t have been able to figure out the cash registers anyway.

I’m really glad that no one was seriously injured and the owner of that AmPm should be extremely grateful to their level headed employee. Hope they catch these @ssholes soon.

My grandmother used to tell me “okay, you have $1.75 a day to spend emotionally-use it wisely”. I learned to not “spend” that on ridiculous news articles and to instead invest it in good stuff. The world is circling the drain anyway. Things are going to get much worse. Letting it bother you this early in the game will just cause you to get sick or something.

Good job and hopefully you get a huge payroll increase…

I want to kick that punks ass myself.

Me too…when he is caught and put on trial and is convicted before he serves his first day in prison part of his punishment should be that we find the biggest dude we can find and let him punch this punk 6 times in the face. Then drive him over to CMC.

I get so tired of hearing the word “suspects” when the video clearly shows the whole world these punks did it. Now once we have their names and arrest their ass… then they can be shielded with the term “suspect” until they are convicted. But right now, the dudes in the video are strong armed robbers in the absence of a weapon. I wish the clerk had a baseball bat to take these scumbags out.

If I worked in a convenience store I would strap a colt 45 to my hip and I would make sure everyone could see it. I know of a store in Arizona that had been robbed multiple times until the owner did just what I would have done..he openly armed his self. His store was never robbed again. That is why the government will never be able to convince enough of us to give up our guns. I hope they catch those bastards but it’s too late; the clerk already had to suffer a beating.