Cambria man charged with flashing women

August 31, 2016
Courtney Luther Miles

Courtney Luther Miles

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the arrest of a Cambria man who allegedly exposed his genitals to women on at least two occasions in recent months. Sheriff’s deputies found the man with pants unzipped and genitals exposed late last month.

Deputies arrested Courtney Luther Miles, 48, on July 29, but they only charged him with violating his parole. Last week, sheriff’s officials added indecent exposure charges.

On June 10, two female tourists reported that during the previous night they saw a man in a parking lot in the 4000 block of Burton Drive in Cambria. The man was wearing white painter’s pants, a white shirt and a white hat, the tourists said.

As the females approached the motel where they were staying, the man approached them with his pants unzipped and his genitals exposed. Deputies responded to the area and searched for the suspect but did not find him.

On July 29, deputies responded to another report of indecent exposure. A woman said a man had just walked into a public women’s restroom and exposed himself. The suspect fled after the woman began yelling.

The restroom is located in the 800 block of Hillcrest Drive in Cambria. Deputies responded to the scene and, along with a state parks officer, searched the area. The officers managed to find a man matching the description of the suspect. While deputies were detaining Miles, they noticed his pants were unzipped and his genitals were exposed.

Deputies arrested Miles and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. Miles has remained in custody since his July 29 arrest.

Following the arrest, sheriff’s detectives conducted an investigation into the indecent exposure reports. Authorities filed indecent exposure charges against Miles on Aug. 22.

Miles is currently being held with his bail set at $40,000, according to the sheriff’s office website. The website states Miles is 5 foot 10 and 250 pounds.

Investigators request that anyone who has additional information about Mile contact sheriff’s detective Nisse at 805-781-4849.

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Doesn’t surprise me. A lot of Cambrians think even their junk is special and should be on display

Big city girl here… LA, I learned to laugh, point and ridicule by the time I was 12. They run away…..not the reaction they are hoping for.

What big City?

Blame his parents for naming him Courtney!

A 23 day investigation before charges were filed???? Whaaaat. Our County DA is sure on top of things.

It should take no more than 23 minutes. Like the guy’s zipper, it is an open and shut case.


You think this dude is a politician in training? Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Seriously, slotownman is right about the low bail for the hit and run.

Bail is $40,000 for indecent exposure and just $50,000 for hit and run killing someone. How can that be?