Cayucos man sentenced to 182 years for sex crimes

August 3, 2016
Oscar Higueros

Oscar Higueros

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy sentenced former Cayucos firefighter Oscar Higueros Jr. to 183 years and eight months in prison today for 25 crimes including forcible rape and human trafficking of a minor by force or fear. The crimes stem from Higueros’s relationship with a then-17-year-old Los Osos girl.

Duffy sentenced Higueros to a fixed term of 163 years and eight months followed by a 15 years-to-life term.

In July 2014, Higueros allegedly paid $150 to Richard Scott Brooks to have sex with the Los Osos teen. Brooks was convicted earlier of 19 crimes related to sexual abuse of the teen, and he was sentenced to more than 60 years in prison.

Higueors, 40, met the teen by responding to an ad Brooks posted on Craigslist. Higueros initially met the girl at her Los Osos home. The teen later moved in with him.

Prosecutors said during the trial that Higueros forced the girl to be his sex slave and tried to make her sign a “master-slave” contract.

The teen testified that Higueros made her do household chores and punished her for anything she did in an incorrect manner. When she had a male friend visit her at the home, Higueros became angry and had “hate rape” with her, breaking her wrist, she said.

Richard Scott Brooks

Richard Scott Brooks

Higueros testified that the teen lied about her age and he did not know she was 17 during their sexual relationship. However, prosecutors showed text messages in which the teen told Higueros she was 17 and should still be receiving child support from her father.

Prosecutors also showed jurors video of Higueros having sex with the teen. Higueros allegedly recorded the sex tapes on his phones and planned to publish them for money.

Jurors in the previous trial watched videos of Brooks having sex with the teen.

Higueros’ jury also convicted him of multiple drug offenses. The teen testified that Higueros forced her to package and sell marijuana. He also gave her alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and mushrooms, she said.


But in SLO County, you can cut your wife’s throat while she sleeps in the bed next to you with your 3 year old child in the house and only serve 18 YEARS.


Im bewildered by this too, Don’t get me wrong, I do believe he deserves jail time for his manipulative vulgar perversions. But give me a break! How excessive in comparison to the pervs’ that use LITTLE kids??? And guaranteed this “TEEN” was old enough to know what she was getting herself into. She is just as much a perv as these guys. Don’t tell me she was forced, I won’t believe it. There is a whole society of people living the “Sex Slave” pervy life style. She wasn’t kidnapped and forced. I am sure she played her pervy part, but did not want to be prosecuted for prostitution, don’t you think?

Why are the those freaks who go after YOUNG children less vulgar according to the court? I don’t get it!


About time that these repeat offender rapists start getting what they deserve.

Now if the perp’s parents happened to be politically-influential friends of Jim App et al, the rapist would be receiving 30 days.


“Was this sex trafficking or was this an almost 18 year old who drove out of town to pick up a pervert to engage in perversion?”

Wow, aren’t YOU an expert? Don’t you think they went over this in the trial?


The real question is why this guy gets 184 years and child molesters who molest innocent little children get a range from zero to a few?

You can murder a child and get 18 and be out in 6, so what’s up with the 184 years?

Think Perspicacious, Think.


It certainly ISN’T the DA’s fault. He doesn’t set the parameter’s for sentencing. Like I said, get educated on the CJ system and quit making a fool of yourself.


I wonder if Jason Porter will get 182 years for molesting all of those children?

Or is this politically motivated so Dow can say he is taking a stand on sex trafficking? Was this sex trafficking or was this an almost 18 year old who drove out of town to pick up a pervert to engage in perversion?

Obviously this guy needs to be behind bars because he was very bad to a woman, but how about Ryan Petetit?

Ryan Petetit was also very very bad to women, should he get 182 years? Or will he get probation with a wink and a nod?


Your insinuation about Dow is ridiculous. He is prosecuting all of these idiots. You and that other moron Thomas Aquinas have a vendetta against Dow that is plain asinine.


Now now, let’s do a quick review.

The perv, Steve Linzmeier, who actually raped an unwilling girl got less than 6 months in the county jail.

So tell me, how is this 16 year old less valuable than the 17 year old who initiated the event?


Considering how reluctant the victim’s family was in that case, and the fact that the perp was not operating at full mental capacity(or so I hear), he was lucky to get six months. There are lots of things in these trials that you are clueless about…


Perspicacious. you are about how clueless people are on these trials. This was not just a case of forcible rape attacks but included 25 major crimes. There were the transaction of buying and selling a minor for sex. There was physical harm involving “forcible” rape. There were multiple types of drugs involved, forcing someone to prepare drugs for sale and forcing someone to take drugs. There was the filming of a minor with “rough” sex for the purpose of porno sales, there was the forcing of a minor to sign a slave contract under distress, and then, the daily physical abuse of a minor. Was that enough for you or do you need more?

It does not matter whether this young woman was 6, 7, 16, or 17 she was a minor with an “older” professional fire fighter who was fully aware of his actions, abuses and crimes.


You are peseverating on Oscar’s crimes. Good that he got what he got. But the point still is that the DA’s office doesn’t prosecute child molesters. You Dow worshipers can make excuses and throw out insults all you want, but the fact that he let Linzmeir get a walk is evidence that he is choosing his prosecuting based on what looks good for his resume.

And if you knew a quarter of what you think you knew, you would know Dow’s big discovery of the victimhood of prostitution is something that has been common knowledge in criminology for at least 4 decades. Yet he introduces that to the media as if he discovered something. He introduces that concept and then goes all out on Oscar and Wham Bam, he looks like he is hard on sex crimes. ha!

Nah, he’s making a resume, OR he would be after all the scumbags. Let’s see what Jason Porter gets. What about he and Lyle going overseas to buy a human?


mej, I personally don’t have a clue what or who you addressing in the above post. I was strictly addressing the above posted case of Cayucos firefighter Oscar Higueros Jr. which I know something about and spent sometime in that courtroom. I will research Linzmeir and I know nothing about Dow’s history other than he run against another person in their office and he was elected last year.

My post was based strictly on the above case, the actions of Mr. Higueros, his actions and the evidence not on Dow.


That is priceless! You telling mej that you don’t have a clue what he is posting about when YOU didn’t have a clue what I was posting about when you directed your above post at me.


Your sour grapes with Dow winning the election is getting tiresome. So is your constant obfuscating of the facts regarding his actions, both as DDA and DA. Get over the fact that the better man won and your buddy didn’t. I am so tired of responding to your slander I don’t think I will bother any more.


I didn’t follow the election for the DA and have no idea who the other candidate was. I have no sour grapes with Dow.

I think Dow has been too soft on perverts. In addition to the child rapist Linzmeier getting off with a couple of months in the county jail. Steven Lemus, pervert, was allowed to plead out for 3 months, which probably ended up being 6 weeks. GROSS

Perspicacious, I don’t agree with your analysis of Linzmeier getting off because the victim’s family wasn’t cooperative. It’s not uncommon for girlfriends to protect boyfriend molesters/abusers and the DA can go after them anyway. . Linzmeier should have gone to prison for raping the child AND the child would have benefited greatly from that.

So until Dow starts prosecuting ALL sex offenders, I will have to question his prosecuting ones that have lots of drama.


You might what to recheck what I was talking about and then redirect your tirade.


He’ll be out in five….count on it.

the situation

Please put him in Gen Pop by accident!! Please!


It’s about time an appropriate sentence is doled out to these creeps.