Concerned Cambrians call for candidates

August 1, 2016

Statement from Concerned Cambrians

The Cambria Community Service District board of directors has been a major disappointment to the larger Cambria community. If you attend the CCSD meetings, you will be concerned too.

CCSD discourages public participation! Last minute presentations include indecipherable figures and documents not made available prior to meetings; meetings are held during day creating a hardship for the employed; ad hoc committees conceal CCSD actions; closed sessions are held with no reports.

This board continues to over-commit Cambrians to unsustainable future debt. Cambria’s 6,000 residents are being taxed into the future to pay for developer profits, land speculators and seasonal tourism. Turning their backs on the best interests of Cambrians, the board has done only what is necessary to reward those who seek to benefit. A business can raise its prices when costs of water, sewer and other public services go up. Seniors on fixed incomes cannot.

The board wanted to give the General Manager, a non-elected official, a double-digit increase to his already excessive salary and benefits. Fortunately, public outcry forced them to reduce the raise to six percent.

The board still hasn’t funded the Forest Management Plan to make our unique Monterey Pine forest healthier and less susceptible to catastrophic fire.

The board manipulated its usual rotation to prevent Amanda Rice from taking her rightful role as vice president or president. Three seats of the five-member board are up for election in November. They are now occupied by Greg Sanders, Gail Robinette and Amanda Rice.

All Cambrians who want sensible solutions and are willing to run for these positions can contact the County Clerk-Recorder’s office for a Declaration of Candidacy. Candidates can file between July 18 and Aug. 12 for the Nov. 8 election.

Concerned Cambrians support new faces on the board. We can do better. Be the change you want to see. Keep Cambria a wonderful place to live!


The General Manager got a raise, but the forest management plan got overlooked??? Cambria is such a gorgeous spot and with all the pine trees dying from the beetles, it’s a sitting duck for a major forest fire. This CSD needs to go!


This opinion piece by Concerned Cambrian’s doesn’t say who “they” are. I would hope it’s more than just a party of one consisting of Christina Tobin.

One would think the members of Concerned Cambrians would run for the offices themselves (since they are so concerned)rather than trying to solicit potential candidates through an opinion piece.


Being upset with the political status quo and the bloated beast of government and being able to run for an office for a change do not necessarily go hand in hand. Many want change and are tired of the “Old Boys Club’ mentality of government and it’s never ending desire to take more from the taxpayers and give to themselves and others, to keep their power and the never ending feeding at the trough, but feel they do not have the time required to run and if elected serve. That should not limit a person or groups right to speak out and if needed, ask for like minded people who do have the time and desire to run and hopefully change things.


CSD’s are the most useless agencies out there along with AQMD’s, IWMB’s, etc., etc.


Useless and corruption. The only decent one in the County (to date anyway) is Templeton.

Like everything else going on in this Country, power, money and political connections corrupt these agencies, boards, and political offices.


Projects, salary increases, etc should rise in proportion to the residents’ raises, residents’ cost of living, and budgets. Pushing the debt ball down the road is irresponsible at best, illegal most likely. I am unsure why our leaders, our government can stack on the debt. Every day citizens cannot do this. Citizens must show proof that their ability to pay is solid, and must have a reason for needing a major loan in most cases. If our leaders are this irresponsible, how can we expect everyday citizens to comply?


could we say this at the Federal level as well?


Federal, state, local…