Heidi Harmon challenges Marx in SLO mayoral race

August 9, 2016


Environmental activist Heidi Harmon is planning on challenging fellow Democrat San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx in the November election. Marx has held the mayoral seat since 2010.

Harmon describes herself as an experienced community organizer, climate change activist and public speaker. In 2014, she ran for State Assembly against incumbent Katcho Achadjian. Harmon received 37 percent of the vote in the general election.1689926_10207520592945624_2225824671678027612_n

More recently, Harmon was a Bernie Sanders supporter who rode in a cross-county caravan to the Democratic National Convention. She attended the DNC as a delegate.

Since Hillary Clinton beat out Sanders for the Democratic nomination, Harmon has taken the stance, “We can’t let a climate-denying racist into the White House next year.” Harmon also urges Democrats to get “climate serious.”

On Monday, Harmon told KCBX that she agrees with Marx on many issues but believes she has a different style than the mayor. Harmon said she had initially ruled out running for the mayoral seat, but others persuaded her to put her name on the ballot.

Artisan and frequent mayoral candidate, Donald Hedrick, is also expected to join the race. Hedrick received 5.2 percent of the vote in 2014.


If I lived in the city I would only have to ask Hedi Harmon one question which would decide if she would get my vote, “Would you support firing Katie Lichtig, with no golden parachute?”, her answer of Yes, she gets my vote, No or some political-ess answer would be a No vote from me.


I shake my head when I read this thread and the knee-jerk, predictable, reactions.

Here is your chance San Luis Obispo to dump Jan Marx. Hold your nose and do it. You can toss Ms. Harmon two years later if you want, but isn’t anything just about better than another two years of Jan Marx sucking up to Katie Lichtig?

Get real. Support this woman and clean up city hall. The stakes are truly high this year.


You can always vote for Our Donald, Prof.


Wasn’t “hope and change” without specifics what gave us one of the worst presidents since Woodrow Wilson? Going in blindly just for the sake of change may not always be a wise decision.


Then ask her the tough questions!

-Is she willing to challenge the current regime (ie. Katie Lichtig)?

-Will she listen to the will of the city residents despite Staff’s agenda and implement policy based on the voices/needs/desires of the city residents? (Currently residents are being ignored by Council despite larger and larger groups of citizens who show up to speak out.)

-Does she want to preserve SLO and not allow it become another Santa Barbara or Beverly Hills? What is her solution for the housing crisis and lack of affordability?

-Will she work to stop the asinine regulations imposed by Jan Marx, Carlyn Christianson and John Ashbaugh with the rental inspection program which has already resulted in the displacement of residents and has increased rental amounts?

Or any other questions you are concerned about.

Compare their answers (we pretty much already know Jan’s) and then decide: Jan or Heidi?


Heidi, will you too refuse to acknowledge the Pearl Harbor Veterans who gave their lives for the good life in SLO? If not, you too are OUT OF THE POOL!


Nothing in this lady’s background seems to have prepared her in any way to be chief executive of our city. The business of the city will be ignored and there will be a whole lot of political posturing and noise.


Are you talking about Heidi Harmon or Jan Marx?, your statement could apply to both of them.


The mayor of a city is NOT the chief executive of a city.


Then what are they, mbfoggy?


Right you are. THAT title would go to the equally worthless city manager in SLO.


Oh, I thought “city manager” was when you had a mayor that had no skills or use, and had to farm out the actual work to another… Then again, we got a city manager that farms out most of her work to others, so… confusing.


Good point… we all seem to be forgetting about the law that says that only qualified people can run for public office. BTW, does anyone know what the qualifications are?


In SLO, the Mayor is not the chief executive of the city. That’s the job of the City Manager.

The Mayor represents the constituents, as does the City Council. She ensures that the City Manager is following Council’s direction (which is supposed to be the will of the people who voted them in.)

From the City of SLO website:

“As set forth in the City Charter, our City operates under the “Council-Mayor-Administrative Officer” form of government…

The City Council is the legislative authority and sets the policies under which the City operates. The City Council has the power to adopt ordinances and resolutions, make appointments to the City’s advisory bodies, establish policies and approve programs, appropriate funds, adopt budgets, and approve contracts.

“The Mayor presides at all meetings of the City Council and is recognized as the official head of the City for all ceremonial purposes.

“The City Council appoints the City Manager and the City Attorney. All other department heads are appointed by the City Manager.”

So the Mayor has the same basic power of the other City Council members. She just presides over the meetings and is the official head at ceremonial events.

Mr. Holly

Another neighborhood organizer. Haven’t we learned anything yet? Maybe SLO deserves this.


The country didn’t learn and re-elected a neighborhood organizer(as you alluded to), why would you think SLO is any smarter?


Really, our choice is between two socialists. I nearly threw up with the Rosie the riveter pic. I knew a Rosie the riveter and she is definitely no Rosie the riveter.


Just curious, do you have any evidence either is actually a “socialist,” or is that just a word you like to throw around? Marx is totally entwined with the Chamber, so unless they’re all socialist capitalists, doesn’t look like you have a case. But maybe you know something I don’t know. Answer please.


Insulting and disgusting.



Heidi Harmon will be interviewed today (Tuesday) at 5:05 p.m. on News/Talk 920 KVEC. Listen live at 920kvec.com.


This ought to be good…..


I am no fan of Marx, but what does it say about Heidi Harmon if she decides this late in the game to make a run for mayor? That said, I would like to know what she thinks of the state of SLO County’s democratic party. To my mind, it is in free-fall, pulled by the dead weight of Hill, and certainly Gibson and Marx and trust-funded Smuckler. Go ahead Heidi, make a case, but you better make it snappy, in more ways than one.


One leftist challenging another…..oh noooooooooooooo


I believe they refer to this as democracy.


“I believe they refer to this as democracy”

First of all we are a representative republic. If you’re thinking we are a democratic form a government and our elections are democratic in nature you were correct…..30 years ago. We have not seen anything close to democracy in this one party state for a long time. Since Reagan changed California’s demographics forever with Amnesty.


If a rightist had the initiative to run, with two lefties and an “artist” splitting the vote, might have a chance. Where’s your candidate?


Me! I will run. Rambunctious for Mayor… (; ) Problem is it won’t work. Politically in California the fix is in…. even a split ticket on the left won’t ensure a win from the right.


“The fix is in” lol have you seen the gop candidate?

95% self inflicted.


You make my point; no conservative with a brain will even try to run for office to fix this state….it would be a waste of time and resources…The fix is in and will be for California until we begin to resemble Detroit. Ten maybe even the transplanted Californians will wake up. But I won’t hold my breath.