High speed chase ends in SLO

August 21, 2016

CHP@California Highway Patrol officers arrested three motorcyclists on Saturday in San Luis Obispo after a high-speed chase that started in Paso Robles. [KSBY]

The motorcyclists failed to pull over after an officer spotted them speeding at more than 100 mph on southbound Highway 101 near Spring Street. Instead, the bikers sped up reaching speeds of up to 120 mph and darting on and off the highway.

A helicopter crew helped ground units track the motorcyclists to a home on Graves Avenue in San Luis Obispo.

Officers then arrested Jonathan Alexander Martinez, 19, Walter Arreola Rodriguez, 21, and Ulises Pena Lopez, 21, on suspicion of felony evading an officer.



  1. jimmy_me says:

    Duuuuudes, we did an awesome job of ditching those cops… did someone just hear a knock on the door?

  2. shelworth says:

    The Cal Poly kids are back in town…

  3. OtisCampbell says:

    Thank you CHP for a job well-done.

  4. Josey Wales says:

    Dreamers living the dream!

  5. Perspicacious says:

    Damn! Not even crotch rockets can get away from the CHP. Those guys are good!

  6. SLO_Johnny says:

    Please let us find a judge who will take away those motorcycles and hold them as evidence.

    I’m fed up with the motorcyclists who use the roads like a damn playground. Give them a ten year ban from riding motorcycles and a suspended driver’s license; add a couple thousand dollars in fines and fees.

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