Los Osos needs a change in leadership

August 22, 2016
Julie Tacker

Julie Tacker


Here we go again; Los Osos Community Services District is looking for a new General Manager.  With 16 or so, under its collective 16 year-old belt, the district is asking for proposals from qualified individuals to lead them into the future.

However, the real question is, “what future?”

With the garbage franchise and the wastewater project being handled by the county, Vista de Oro and Bayridge Estates septic systems on their way out, emergency services contracted to Cal Fire, there is very little left for the district to do but for managing the water for one-half of the community. Little bitty drainage and street light districts are all that’s left over.

Meanwhile, there are few, if any, funding sources or possibilities.

In the aftermath of dismissing Kathy Kivley, the district is conducting collateral damage control. Delinquent reports to the proper authorities have been a big problem. Over the last year, the district has been getting letters threatening fines and penalties associated with Social Security Administration, Employment Development Department and State Controller’s Office — misfiling’s, late, or no filings at all.

I recently learned that the district also failed to comply with the terms of its California infrastructure bank loan and its bond holders at U.S. Bank, triggering Standard & Poors to suspend its already abysmal BBB- credit rating.  Moreover, board members were unaware the credit rating had been suspended for over a month when I sought the documentation through a public records request and immediately shared it with them.

With the credit rating suspended, the district will be hamstrung from getting loans and grants to implement any water resource projects. This will make it very difficult to live up to its obligations as a partner in the newly formed Basin Management Committee. The lower groundwater basin continues to be threatened by advancing seawater intrusion and key projects need implementation sooner than later. Continued inaction is not an option.

While the district proclaims “transparency,” its general managers have kept board members in the dark over the years. Managers have fought the subcommittee system, where historically this district engages the public early through Brown Act committees manned by citizen volunteers. These committees are on record helping to shape the board decisions for the betterment of the district.

Some district managers are reluctant to embrace these citizens claiming it is ‘too much work’ to prepare for a committee meetings or ‘there’s not enough on the agenda’ to engage them.

It appears these managers are more afraid of criticism or extra eyes on the financials, budgets and audits.

Clearly the district needs the public; it is members of the public, including myself, who have found the inconsistencies and anomalies that equate to costly mistakes.

As a former LOCSD board member I learned, sometimes the hard way, some managers are not always what they represent and that performance speaks volumes about their abilities.

I have been an effective watchdog of local government in Los Osos and throughout SLO County. My highest priority is the residents and ratepayers of Los Osos.  My experience, having served as a director from 2004-08, will guide me well in conducting the business of the people.  I have thrown my hat in the ring for the upcoming election to serve as a director on the board for the LOCSD, I hope I can count on your vote.

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Los Osos is in danger of being completely annexed by SLO. Big Sleaze eating Little Sleaze.

Try tossing your hat in the toilet instead. It’s far more appropriate.Think of it as…a shovel.

Maybe there’s someone coming up for parole we can hire?

The best solution for Los Osos residents is to band together and appeal LAFCO to initiate “Dissolution” of our long-time costly dysfunctional CSD.

Without a doubt, the limited public services presently provided by our CSD are likely to be less than, or substantially similar to the dollar amount we are paying today.

Consolidation with the County will promote accountability for community service needs and financial resources needed in the future.

Our District and or LAFCO can initiate dissolution.

However, LAFCO is not required to place the dissolution before the voters, unless written protests have been filed as per Section 57113’s requirements.

It only takes 10% of the number of landowners within any affected district within the affected territory who own at least 10% of the assessed value of land within the territory.

Time for Los Osos to move on, our CSD should be looked as an awful relic of the past.

CCN certainly has the right, and some might say the responsibility, to endorse candidates for office. However, running a blatant campaign ad under the guise of a legitimate opinion article is over the top. Where are the ethics?

Agreed………. 4 years of that misguided history included Julie. No thanks Julie. As you stated, there is very little left for CSD to mismanage. Abandon the mess, shut it down.

Julie was up-front about what she would do if elected. She was elected and she did it. In other words, a majority of Los Osos people who voted in that election cast their votes for her. If you’re going to cast blame, it should be for all the people that voted for her.

Or, Julie herself…..

I agree shut it down. If Julie knows so much as a watchdog let her help us shut it down instead of paying big bucks to manage nothing.

Sorry Julie… you can’t run. Only meglomaniac crooks are allowed to run for office in Los Osos.

These Community Services Districts were poorly conceived when they were established and that has been proven again and again over the years. The LOCSD is about as dysfunctional as a government operation could possibly be. The great Los Osos Sewer Civil War was an absolute farce. How could anyone imagine that they could fight the Water Resources Control Board and win? All they did was bankrupt the District and quadruple the cost.

It isn’t right or fair for the other tax payers in the incorporated cities in SLO County to finance so much of the expense of government operations in Los Osos. Fees in the District should be raised to cover any additional expenses coming from mismanagement of affairs. The rest of us should not be stuck with the bill.

Citizens of Los Osos, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it