Police searching for suspect in Atascadero Walgreens robbery

August 27, 2016

A man wielding a handgun robbed the Atascadero Walgreens late Thursday evening.

Shortly before midnight, while several other people were checking out, a man wearing a black sweatshirt pointed a gun at a store clerk and demanded cash. The clerk then gave the robber approximately $300.

The suspect fled the scene prior to police arriving. Police describe the suspect as a white, adult male.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the robbery or the suspect to call the Atascadero Police Department at 805-461-5051.

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I hope they catch the SOB.

Just curious…

Is he White as in European White or White as in Hispanic White?

When a person is Hispanic they say so. I hope they come up with better video. It looks like there’s a camera in the ceiling in the background.

“When a person is Hispanic they say so” They do? Last name perhaps, then some commenter can ask about “is he an illegal” because calling someone a wb is out of fashion, leading open questions are in.

Just racist…


If we don’t know what kind of white someone is, how can we treat them differently?

/sarcasm off

mej says: “Just curious… Is he White as in European White or White as in Hispanic White?”

Wtf, taking a survey are we? Do tell……

Coming to a store near you! Seems like we have a serial robber of late, so be careful out there. Judging by the number of recent armed robberies on an upward trend, we can only hope that no one gets hurt or worse.