San Luis Obispo city inspector charged with burglary

August 16, 2016
Mark Williams

Mark Williams

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a San Luis Obispo city engineering inspector for allegedly burglarizing a home in Nipomo. Deputies arrested Mark Williams on Sunday in Atascadero, according to an incident report.

On Saturday, Williams, 56, allegedly went to the home of a former girlfriend to discuss the sale of a car to a third party. After Williams finished his transaction, he asked his former girlfriend, who he had last dated in Oct. 2015, to a restaurant for dinner.

When the former girlfriend declined the invitation, Williams allegedly caused a “scene” and was asked to leave the property, according to the incident report.

At 11:05 p.m., Williams began texting his ex asking were she was.

“RU home?” Williams texted. “Who are you f**cking tonight? I better contact me tonight.”

The former girlfriend did not reply.

Williams then returned to his former girlfriend’s Nipomo home,  broke down the front door, destroyed a stereo speaker, broke an interior door, knocked a hole through a wall and dumped makeup and CDs into the toilet, according to a sheriff’s department incident report. There was also blood left on the front door of the home and an interior door, according to the incident report.

In addition, a black bull’s head wall decoration was missing.

The former girlfriend was not home at the time of the burglary.

Deputies caught up with Williams at his home in Atascadero on Sunday. During an interview, Williams admitted to breaking into the home and tossing makeup into the toilet, but said the blood was not his and that he did not also toss the CDs into the toilet, according to the incident report.

Williams has worked as an engineering inspector for San Luis Obispo since 1994. He inspects and monitors private and public works construction projects.

In 2015, City Manager Katie Lichtig named Williams employee of the year.

For more than 20 years, Williams has also owned and operated Andamo Concrete, which is contracted by a “large clientele” to do public works projects, according to Williams’ Linked in page.

On Sunday, deputies booked Williams into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a burglary charge. He remains in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.


I vote to drop the charges to a simple vandalism and give him probation with some counseling. I can see what happened here. He definitely let himself get out of control, but 50k bail for vandalism. OVERCHARGE

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Overcharge, mej? In the State of California you can use deadly force to defend yourself when you are afraid for your life or of bodily harm. He is damn lucky for his “overcharge.” If someone was kicking your door down to get to you or someone you loved, you wouldn’t be screaming vandalism.


Well the article did say she was NOT home during the damage.

My comment is based on the probability that there is a lot more to this story and the fact that she wasn’t home. Obviously he needs some counseling, but I personally know of a young lad who did essentially the same…except she was home… and the cops didn’t even make a report. They advised woman to get a restraining order, which she did. It seems like they are taking it to the limits with this guy. Why?


So yeah, I vote for a vandalism charge, probation, counseling, RESTITUTION, and a restraining order.


“Well the article did say she was NOT home during the damage.”

Yes, because otherwise this would be a story about assault and battery or attempted homicide, not a story about vandalism and theft. Who knows what he would have done if she was home.


Sorry to hear this. I have only experienced professionalism when working with him.

People are always so quick to judge. Haven’t we all done something we’re ashamed of? He didn’t kill, mame, or rape anyone. Obviously there is an anger issue. Let’s hope he learns from


What would he have done to that lady if she had been home??? He also threatened and harassed the woman. I suppose that most people have done a shameful act but few people commit FELONIES.


Ohfercryingoutloud, shelter in place folks. The riots over this unjust arrest are due to start any minute…

Kaiser Bill

I am sure Mark Williams was the most qualified person for the job of Engineering Inspector when the City of San Luis hired him.


Seems like SLO has a lot of not-so-young employees with anger management issues. Remember the fireman who destroyed the other guy’s face, and got rehired by the city? Wow. Go Katie — you pick winners.


Oh well, he’ll eventually get fired and he’ll sue and the city will offer him a payoff….22 years on the job, that might also include a pension? He’s a winner all the way around!!

He’s is probably on paid leave for now.


His pension is guaranteed by we idiots, the tax payers. He will get a nice does of PAID administrative leave and then he will retire with a disability. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was. One set of rules for government and another set of rules for the rest of us.


Did I read he was chosen as ” employee of the year”? Who chooses these people, Gearhardt, Lenny Jones, this fella? Seems the bar is set pretty low, or is there some sort of “quid pro quo” manifesting itself? Is this gentleman affiliated with SLO city public work contracts? Projects conducted with SLO city or county employees or agents, is this a conflict of interest?

20+ years with the city, any another situations, we haven’t been privy too? Many questions, not enough information…..


Employee of the year is actually rotated every year and if you are there long enough (about 5-6 years) your turn comes up, It is just expected that everyone get it and therefore it like a warm and fuzzy, you know a kudo, all to help motivate the troops. It is presented at the City;s annual picnic (paid by the City) and winner’s use to get a $100 bonus (not sure that still happens with the budget crisis). Employees use to laugh and snicker as to who would be chosen next!

I believe Ron Faria (remember the lawn mower incident), Bob Fisher (water conservation inspector who sold his private services to City clients when they were suppose to be free), and of course, we all remember John Ryan Mason, the fireman who almost beat someone to death.

All these wonderful people were recipients of the City Outstanding City Employee’s. However, I will also say, there are some wonderful very hard working honest employees in the mix!


Convicted child molester Lenny Jones was the AG/Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year.

They’ve never revoked his title, even as he rots in prison.

That chamber is politically active and working to unseat AG Mayor Hill. Judith Bean is a Ferrara holdover and was a supporter of the charter city initiative that like Ferrara, went down in flames.

Chairman of the Chamber Board Ken Dalebout (AG hospital administrator) is in the pocket of Adam Hill’s supporter Nick Tompkins, who’s wife just happens to be the chair of the hospital foundation board. Also on that board is Jeff Minnery, well paid attorney for the crazy and broke OCSD.

The south county is chock full of these mutually beneficial relationships.

Vote no on Caren Ray for AG council, she’s a cog in the corruption wheel.


“In 2015, City Manager Katie Lichtig named Williams employee of the year.”

(Large sighhhhhh………) Oh, yeah, of course- why not? You just can’t make up crap like this.

Man, we sure do have our share of winners around here.


Bummer he is actually a really good guy…or he was. Lots of emotion.

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