San Luis Obispo city inspector charged with burglary

August 16, 2016
Mark Williams

Mark Williams

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a San Luis Obispo city engineering inspector for allegedly burglarizing a home in Nipomo. Deputies arrested Mark Williams on Sunday in Atascadero, according to an incident report.

On Saturday, Williams, 56, allegedly went to the home of a former girlfriend to discuss the sale of a car to a third party. After Williams finished his transaction, he asked his former girlfriend, who he had last dated in Oct. 2015, to a restaurant for dinner.

When the former girlfriend declined the invitation, Williams allegedly caused a “scene” and was asked to leave the property, according to the incident report.

At 11:05 p.m., Williams began texting his ex asking were she was.

“RU home?” Williams texted. “Who are you f**cking tonight? I better contact me tonight.”

The former girlfriend did not reply.

Williams then returned to his former girlfriend’s Nipomo home,  broke down the front door, destroyed a stereo speaker, broke an interior door, knocked a hole through a wall and dumped makeup and CDs into the toilet, according to a sheriff’s department incident report. There was also blood left on the front door of the home and an interior door, according to the incident report.

In addition, a black bull’s head wall decoration was missing.

The former girlfriend was not home at the time of the burglary.

Deputies caught up with Williams at his home in Atascadero on Sunday. During an interview, Williams admitted to breaking into the home and tossing makeup into the toilet, but said the blood was not his and that he did not also toss the CDs into the toilet, according to the incident report.

Williams has worked as an engineering inspector for San Luis Obispo since 1994. He inspects and monitors private and public works construction projects.

In 2015, City Manager Katie Lichtig named Williams employee of the year.

For more than 20 years, Williams has also owned and operated Andamo Concrete, which is contracted by a “large clientele” to do public works projects, according to Williams’ Linked in page.

On Sunday, deputies booked Williams into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a burglary charge. He remains in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.


Wait, a public works inspector owns a concrete company on the side… that does large public works projects?! Say it ain’t so…


I believe you have the wrong person.


“Williams has worked as an engineering inspector for San Luis Obispo since 1994. He inspects and monitors private and public works construction projects…

For more than 20 years, Williams has also owned and operated Andamo Concrete, which is contracted by a “large clientele” to do public works projects, according to Williams’ Linked in page.

I believe you have the wrong comprehension reading.


You’re right. I stand corrected.


Who are we going to make excuses for next?

How about Ed Arnold’s criminal behavior and the Arroyo Grande city council turning a blind eye?

Is this normal adult behavior like Caren Ray’s claims about her naked running/drinking escapades?

Ferrara’s covering up for Adam’s use of city hall to sober up, and then blaming the police for the mess?

Lenny Jones? He was a good guy, right?

Ryan Petetit beats young women yet does business with Belsher, a prominent attorney. Adam Hill is listed on docs filed with the state for PB Companies…the list goes on.

Arnold and Jones are in prison.

Ferrara lost to a write-in candidate.

Fire Adam Hill.

A NO vote for Ray.

We deserve better.


Ed Arnold is not in prison. he served a short sentence and then went to live in Oregon with his new girlfriend.

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Shame on Mr. Mark Williams!

A grown man should NEVER resort to these criminal tactics, and it may be time for the City of San Luis Obispo to cut ties with this perp. Moreover, SLO City Manager Katie Lichtig should be embarrassed by her associations with wife beaters, burglars, and social nitwits.

If Katie lLchtig shows the poor judgement to support and befriend Adam Hill, Caren Ray, etc., imagine the poor quality decisions she must be making as SLO city’s top administrator…like naming Mr. Williams as ‘employee-of-the year!

Fire Adam Hill.

Just saying,



Dude’s lucky he wasn’t shot! Or ladies are lucky they weren’t there. This is exactly how people’s lives can be irreversibly changed in an instant for life. Kidnapping (moved to a back bedroom), false imprisonment, terrorism, mayhem, etc. etc. I know a young man who refused to plea down and got 25-life + 7!

Mr Williams has some severe mental issues. He let the daughter stay at hus house, so he’s not crazed and should not be held accountable?

Are you kidding me!?

Thomas A

Katie Lichting is Team Adam Hill. Katie was at Adam Hill’s B-day party, right? Katie named Mr. Williams “employee of the year.” Let me continue: Adam Hill threatens people physically, emotionally, and financially. Adam Hill’s business partner, Petetit violently beats his girlfriends. It’s a damn good thing this woman wasn’t home when Williams broke down her front door. The members of Team Adam Hill are getting a reputation of being very corrupt and violent. Which one do you think tub3s is? “He is still a good person,” when he is not violently threatening and kicking down women’s doors in the middle of the night. Sounds like Dee Torres-Hill defending Ryan

Fire Adam Hill.


If he is Team Adam Hill, I bet Adamski Moroski or Kerr & Wagstaffe will take care of him, or whoever does will be their associates.


Mark Williams is a standup man he actually went out of his way to help this woman out who has clearly struggled in the recent past and numerous areas of her life. What the article failed to also mention was that this woman’s daughter had lived with Mark in the past and is currently residing at Marks house because she had no where else to go, another favor, this woman is going out of her way to throw dirt on a good man’s name and if you know her at all you would realize that Mark is more of a victim then the article gives credit. Not a good idea to go over to her house breaking down doors however this woman is way more of a gold digger than anybody realizes and clearly took advantage of an honest man.


Sorry tub, no one, hear me, no one goes to someone’s home, breaks down the front door, does internal damage and acts like that without having an issue. He, like everyone, has a good side no doubt, but when you step over that tine, you are no longer the victim. This man holds a professional position with the City so we can assume he knew what he did. I do give him credit for not lying when investigated and yes, this is a sad situation. But, it is his to take responsibility for. I have no doubt the City will allow him to continue with his job because government as a whole and the City for sure has no moral compass for anyone with their ill behavior situations. Who says crime does not work in our society today!


“… I better contact me tonight.”

Well shucks! Why didn’t he just contact himself and then there wouldn’t have been any problem?


He is still a good person….


What is your point? Because you think he is a good person, we should forgive him of committing a psychotic violent anti-social crime? Practically any criminal out there has some naive fool that would say “he/she is a good person”. Being thought of as a good person does not forgive a criminal act! Rex Krebs’ boss also thought he was a good person.


Mark Williams overall is an outstanding hard working man! Sure we all make mistakes and may have anger issues but it’s a lesson learned in life! There is always two sides to every story and most of the people reading this don’t know the entire truth so therefore any negative judgments should be kept to yourself.