Supervisor Adam Hill’s conduct is unacceptable

August 29, 2016
Curtis Reinhardt

Curtis Reinhardt


Unfortunately, our elected San Luis Obispo County District 3 Supervisor Adam Hill has once again used his position in a late-night tirade to pressure and intimidate local citizens to financially support his campaign for reelection. Two articles recently published expose how he wields his power as a sitting supervisor to pressure them to contribute to his campaign.

While none of us are so naive as to believe that this kind of quid pro quo doesn’t happen in politics, it is nonetheless disconcerting that Mr. Hill would be so brash as to take credit for accomplishments and then demand contributions to his campaigns. These kinds of back room dealings and intimidation tactics are exactly why most citizens don’t trust government.

We must send a message to all the small time politicos like Mr. Hill that this type of conduct is unacceptable. We need to provide him and others like him their pink slips in November.

Curtis Reinhardt is involved with numerous nonprofit organization throughout San Luis Obispo County helping with special events. He lives in Grover Beach.

truth set me free

Dan Carpenter needs campaign dollars to get his message out to the voters of the 3rd District of San Luis Obispo County.

Most voters do not know of Adam Hill’s antics! You can thank The Tribune for that!!!!

Best thing you can do right now, is to donate to Dan Carpenter’s campaign.


“The Tribune for that”, hasn’t the true readership of the Trib dropped to the same levels or lower as many “free”, papers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real number of readers of the Trib is less than than that of say the New Times, and that websites such as CCN has more hits than the Trib has real subscribers.


Hill fell hard on the Diablo Desal project – claiming he was responsible for saving South County with his plan. Oops. It flopped. He also claimed he single-handedly got us the Pismo Preserve that was scheduled to open shortly. Now it’s $4.5m short of funds and won’t open until 2018. Nice job, Adam. Do you still claim to be responsible for these faux pas?


…and has been since he’s been in office.

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We must dump Adam Hill.

Mr. Hill has come to epitomize all that is wrong with our politics, and we are now seeing more and more people call for his dismissal irregardless of their political ideology. Both liberals and conservatives know that if you sleep with dogs, you will rise with fleas.

While we are at it, lets dump Kristian Barneich, for she comes from the same cloth as Adam Hill.

Lastly, let’s NOT give Caren Ray a chance to hold public office again, as she brought shame and dishonor to the offices she has already held, and smart voters know she is an Adam Hill protege.

Bruce Gibson’s day will come, but, for now, let’s get rid of these three, and Arroyo Grande and the Five Cities area will be immeasurably better off.

Just saying,



I would like to post this article on my FB page but after reading several articles and hearing stories of how vindictive Adam Hill is to those who speak out against him and how he goes after them with a vengeance, I am reluctant to post anything negative about this bully. And what this means is Mr. Hill’s intimidation tactics work as some of us are not strong enough to stand up to his bullying and fight his arrogant slanderous attacks. I hope our community stands strong in voting this man out.


There is anonymity in the voting booth, and that’s where it counts.


Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.

Thomas A

Thank you Grey Granny, we posted it to Fire Adam Hill’s FB page. Have a great day!