Burglar snatches watches from Pismo Beach jewelry store

September 30, 2016

Police carA man burglarized a Pismo Beach jewelry store on Wednesday and then fled to a parking lot where a driver was waiting in a getaway vehicle. Neither a store worker, who chased after the suspect, nor officers who responded managed to track down the thieves.

Shortly before 1 p.m., the suspect entered Diamond Designs, which is located in a shopping center on Oak Park Boulevard, grabbed several watches and ran out.

Witnesses described the burglary suspect as a white or Hispanic man in his 30s. He was wearing a red hat and gray sweatpants.

The getaway driver is described as a white man in his 30s who weighed about 200 pound and had numerous tattoos on both arms. He had light brown hair and was wearing a white San Francisco 49ers jersey.

The suspects fled in a Ford Thunderbird with the license plate number 6MDZ477. Police describe the Thunderbird as a primer black, two-door 90s model.

While fleeing, the suspects collided with an approaching vehicle. The collision caused minor damage to the victim’s vehicle and possibly damaged the left side of the Thunderbird.

No weapons were seen during the burglary.

KSBY reports the burglar stole at least four Citizen Eco Drive watches valued at about $400 each. Police say the merchandise stolen was valued at more than $1,500.

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Yesterday I found myself at Walmart shopping for paper products when I stopped to chat with someone I knew. She had noticed the same thing I had: this large group of really torn up people that looked like they were a group of gypsies or something were scanning the aisles and the people in the store. This isn’t the first time I have seen this. And-I nearly got my wallet stolen once when I stopped to grab something off the shelf and left my purse in the child part of the cart (believe me, they are incredibly fast).

When I stopped to tell an employee I knew about this, (I have personally known this person for years) they were not even remotely interested and instead started talking about the new truck they want to buy. Let me repeat that: large groups of pick pockets and thieves infiltrate into Walmart on a regular basis that are likely from out of the area–and Walmart employees could care less. Do you know what people care about? Their paycheck. They are struggling to survive. And so are the gangs of people who come there to steal. This country is in dire straits. And we have to absolute jokes vying for the Whitehouse. It is survival of the fittest–every man for himself. We will see crime become even worse in this area–because people are in some la-la land. It will continue to get very, very bad….and they will continue to talk about their buying habits.

Answer to your Walmart gypsy problem; vote for the presidential candidate you most like. They both have anti-gypsy plans that will address your concern. All kidding aside, whomever is elected president truly cares about the citizens of this country and will do everything they can to help us. Next year I’m confident that the special interests won’t stand a chance against middle class workers like myself. Donald and Hillary really care about us, the voters. I feel so good about the future!

Most likely no big loss for Diamond Designs, the watches were most likely someone’s unwanted jewelry that store bought for .01 cent on the dollar.

Guess what, you left all those watches on the counter and created a crime of opportunity. Wake up and smell the roses, it’s not the same safe place we used to know……yeah, it’s sad.