Child rapist shoots two officers at the Fresno County Jail

September 3, 2016

A convicted child rapist shot two Fresno County Sheriff’s correctional officers in a jail lobby on Saturday afternoon. Both officers are in critical condition.

Shortly before 9 a.m., Thong Vang, 37, arrived at the Fresno County Jail allegedly to visit an inmate. Vang then tried to cut in line and began shooting when officer Juanita Davila approached him.

Vang shot both Davila and Toamalama Scanlan in the neck or head. As is the policy at the Fresno County Jail, neither Davila nor Scanlan were armed.

A Lieutenant at the jail fired several shots at Vang but missed. Vang retreated down a hallway but then surrendered to officers and was arrested.

Both Davila and Scanlan were transported to Community Regional Medical Center where they underwent surgeries.

In 2014, Vang was released from prison after serving 16 years for raping three children ages 12 to 14.

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Citizen, or deportation fail for criminal immigrant?

“Thong Vang, 37, was involved in the notorious 1998 gang rape of three young Clovis girls. Vang was one of dozens of gang members who repeatedly assaulted the girls at a Motel 6 on Parkway Drive. He was sentenced to 19 years for his role in that crime and served 16 years.

That rape case sparked an investigation into the Mongolian Boys Society, a Hmong gang based in Fresno, and investigators found the group had been kidnapping and luring other young girls.

They found girls as young as 11 were raped and forced to work as prostitutes. Vang was one of 18 people who was indicted for those crimes and got an additional seven years in prison.”

No protective custody for this scum, lock him in with the peckerwoods!

This guy probably would have got parole much earlier if proposition 57 was around. Jerry Brown and the civil lib folks want to empty our jails further because crowded jail cells aren’t very nice. Even Feinstein and Joyce Dudley recognized what a bad move prop 47 was and now Jerry Brown and his friends want to continue dumping bad guys back onto the streets with prop 57. Here’s a concept; BUILD MORE PRISONS. It’s amazing to me that our esteemed parole board recommended letting that hideous Manson murderer, Leslie Van Houten out of jail. Why because she’s old, because it’s been along time since they hacked to death innocent victims to start a race war? Our political and judicial leaders have some f’d up thinking man!

The prison population is being reduced because of a Federal court order from the Ninth District Court. It is not Gov. Brown’s idea.

New policy needs to be implemented. Have a secure area between the jail interior and the lobby. Would be real easy to have a locker of some sort in the secure hallway area. If a deputy needs to leave the interior area and go out to the lobby, they could arm themselves once they leave the area where inmates are. I have been in enough jails to know this would be easy to do.

One other point, a Lt. missed his shots? Not surprising…

Umm been there done nothing. The officers patrolling outside of correctional facilities dealing with the public are armed for this reason. Those in contact with the convicts are not armed so as not to have there weapon taken from them.

How in the world did a convicted felon manage to get into the jail lobby undetected??

The seemingly all out attempt to murder law enforcement officers throughout the nation, should mean a call for greater security…lets quit learning by our mistakes, take the bull by the balls, and clean up the streets.

Guess they need metal detectors and security to get into the visiting chambers. Just like the courthouse.

16 Years in jail for raping 3 children ages 12-14 ?????

There is the first problem, why was this person back in society to begin with? OH yeah, he was probably “rehabilitated”-that’s why.

There are so many WHY’s in this story it is pathetic! What the hell????

Two deputies suffer because of a foolish policy from the Sheriff. No deputy should have to come into a potentially dangerous place without the ability to defend themselves. Where was the metal detector, was there a metal detector?

Vang is another felon with a gun. We see this over and over and over.

NO SOFT PLEA BARGAINS for this scumbag. Let’s hope that Fresno County has a tougher DA than the one we have here in SLO County.

Umm John, a lot of county jails Sheriffs don’t carry fire arms. Same as most prisons. Common practice.

This shooting happened in the lobby and not in the jail itself. Of course they don’t carry firearms when they are actually locked in with the prisoners. They were manning the security post in the lobby where they screen people before they enter the jail.

The DA we have in this county is the best we have ever had. Not sure where you get the idea he would have been easy on this scumbag.

A husband slit his wife’s throat while she was sleeping; with their three year child in the house. Our DA arranges a plea bargain for 2nd Degree murder and a short sentence.