2 Palm Springs police officers killed, 1 injured

October 8, 2016

Palm Springs Police officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose “Gill” Vega

A family disturbance suspect shot and killed a 35-year-veteran of the Palm Springs police force on Saturday and another officer who recently had a child. The suspect also shot a third officer who survived the shooting.

Shortly after noon, a woman called 911 to say her adult son was causing a disturbance at their home. She then left the home in fear of her son.

Officers arrived but the son refused to open the door and threatened to shoot the officers through the door. The suspect then began shooting.

Police surrounded the home and set up a four-block perimeter, though they have not yet arrested the suspect.

The police department identified the murder victims as Jose “Gil” Vega, a veteran of the department who was due to retire in December, and Officer Lesley Zerebny, the mother of a 4-month-old. The department is not releasing the name of the injured officer.

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So where the hell is the Governor, the Attorney General and the President?!? Why are evil people like the murderer on the streets?Killing of law enforcement must be an automatic death penalty. No, executing him won’t deter other low lifes but he won’t do it again.

There he is folks: mkaney the world’s foremost authority..

The L.A. times reported that John Felix, the murderer in Palm Springs, was arrested for attempted murder, the charge was reduced to ADW and he was sentenced to two years in 2015. At the time of his conviction he was acknowledged by prosecutors to be a gang member.

A sentence of two years in 2015 shouldn’t he still be in prison? Oh wait… he gets released early under Gov. Brown’s program of leniency for all convicted felons. The Washington Post reported in an article on California’s prison experiment, published on February 8, 2016, that at that time Jerry Brown had approved the release of 2,300 prisoners sentenced to life for murder. During Democrat Governor Gray Davis’s four year term only 2 lifers were released.

So mkaney, get your facts straight and pick up a newspaper once in awhile before you pop off with your usual anti-cop rhetoric…

We had a LA Sheriff’s sergeant executed on Wednesday by a parolee as he was handling a burglary in progress call and now two Palm Springs officers murdered and a third officer wounded by another parolee released from prison after only two years for assault with a deadly weapon.

This is the result of softening our state’s stance on crime and punishment. This is what “restorative justice” brings you. Two criminals released sooner than they otherwise would have been due to Jerry Brown’s “Hug a Thug” jail realignment and early release programs.

These murders along with others committed by felons emphasizes that feel good liberal prison policies cost the lives of innocent people.

I hope when we read about a police officer shooting someone we will remember these three slain officers and slow in our speed to convict in the court of public opinion the very people we pay to protect us.

You have no evidence whatsoever to indicate that this the result of changes to our justice system. Assault with a deadly weapon is not included among the charges that now see jail instead of prison, or that were reduced to misdemeanors, so your statement makes NO SENSE.

In 2015, California police shot and killed over 220 people. In contrast, 8 California police officers died in the line of duty, though one was due to heat exhaustion and another to drowning.


So do Blue lives.


RIP. Doing a tough job that some people just don’t get. Blue Life’s Matter.