Shopper seriously injured in Goleta Trader Joe’s accident

October 9, 2016


An elderly man drove his car through the front door of Trader Joe’s in Goleta Saturday morning injuring three people, including one with major injuries, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Shortly before 10 a.m., an 85-year-old man attempted to park his Toyota Prius in front of the store. But because he was driving at a high-rate of speed, he crashed into the store, officials said.

A 35-year-old man from Santa Barbara suffered major injuries and was transported to Cottage Hospital. He is in stable condition. Two juveniles suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene

Alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor in the wreck, according to officials. The driver was not arrested and an investigation is ongoing. The names of the driver or the injured parties have not been released at this time.


But he got great gas mileage while he did it!


Well, the victims need compensated for their injuries. Hope the old dude has great insurance. Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.


It’s not his fault, those people clearly got in his way!

Always somebody trying to “juice” the system for their own financial gain.


Another sad case of a superannuated driver who confuses the brake for the gas pedal. These incidents are fairly rare, thank God, but usually devastating. Sometimes the death toll is in double digits.

They also confuse on- and off-ramps and cause invariably deadly head-on collisions.

As much as I hate to say this, as I approach the end of my 72nd year, I believe that driving for those over 80 years of age should be simply banned.

My bride and I have made a vow to voluntarily, if reluctantly, turn over the car keys if we see any impairment in our skills.

I know there are individuals who act like their 80’s and 90’s are the new 50’s and 60’s, but these are rare. As it is now, I am nervous when I walk in front of a car parked in a handicapped spot….


It is that coupled with the fact that, by law (local design ordinances) handicap parking (which the elderly almost always use) is right in front of the storefront… I remember when the Vons in San Luis Obispo (Marigold center) opened, within the first month or so, an old man had ran over the post with the handicap sign on it, and kept revving and driving over it, while my brother and I watched in amazement.

In fact, just yesterday, as I was backing out of the same center, an old man (who had not yet stopped at the stop sign) just ran through it, went into the on-coming lane to go around me (I had already backed completely out) and drove in the wrong land to exit the Marigold center. He did not look, see me, make any kind of eye-contact. Thank God there was no one crossing in the lot…


Whilst you and you bride await the “impairment in our skills,” perhaps you should propose a mandatory ban on those over 70 which would apply to YOU. Why is it okay to impose a ban on others and, for you, allow for self-regulated impairment identification? I just bet you are a democrat.

I’m unwilling to support self-regulation and I think that a skills test is necessary every year over 70. Yes, it will be expensive. Yes, it will be inconvenient. Yes, it will save lives.

I ride motorcycles. I’m unprotected by a steel cage and I see, DAILY, drivers that should not be on the road. Some old, some in their teens. Some reading books, some sleeping, some putting on makeup.

Hang up and drive.


Oh my, geezers are so much worse than drunks and rich kids high on dope getting behind the wheel. Get a heart, Hartz.