Adam Hill predisposed to not being deposed

October 5, 2016
Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was scheduled to be deposed Friday in a case involving CCN, but the deposition is on hold while Hill mounts a legal battle to stop his requirement to testify under oath.

Charles Tenborg filed a lawsuit against CalCoastNews in 2013, claiming libel. As part of discovery, CCN’s attorneys served Hill with a subpoena for a deposition.

Days before the scheduled deposition — and despite the county not being party to the case —  County Counsel Rita Neal contacted CCN attorneys on behalf of Hill. She claimed Hill had a scheduled meeting, and thus would not be able to attend the deposition. Neal also argued that Hill has no personal knowledge about the lawsuit and should not have to testify.

Several of Tenborg’s claims against CCN are specific to IWMA board issues, including the approval of Tenborg’s contract. Hill is a member of the IWMA board and voted to approve Tenborg’s contract. In addition, Tenborg testified that he spoke with Hill about the lawsuit before he filed his claim, and Hill subsequently sent texts to CalCoastNews advertisers boasting of his involvement in the case.

On Oct. 3, Riverside attorney Douglas Smith sent an ex parte motion seeking to prevent Hill from testifying before CCN attorneys. In the motion, Smith claims Hill is exempt from being deposed because he is a high ranking public official with no personal knowledge of claims in the lawsuit.

The supervisor is seeking a protective order and an order to quash his subpoena.

In Hill’s sworn declaration, he makes multiple grammar and spelling errors, even spelling San Luis Obispo County wrong twice.

Adam Hill’s declaration by CalCoastNews on Scribd


“San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was scheduled to be deposed Friday in a case involving CCN, but the deposition is on hold while Hill mounts a legal battle to stop his requirement to testify under oath.”

Adam Hill is not qualified to hold elective office! To be supervisor of a major region within one of America’s top markets! To craft policies that affect our way of life when he DOESN’T FOLLOW the law himself. Adam Hill must respect SLO residents and drop out of the race now. Even more reason to Vote for DAN CARPENTER. Carpenter won’t be a taxpayer liability since he follows the law!


When guilty, a defensive tactic is to use every construct allowed in the Constitution to obstruct the truth that indicts the defendant. Adam Hill is convicted by CCN’s readers who understand he is a fraud, an ugly exploiter of the system that resorts to lies to confuse the truth.


Depose his ass next month when he’s down-the-road after the election when he’s not a “high ranking public official” any longer.



Come election day, he will be DISPOSED (of). Then, a deposition will simply be a formality.


Pelican1 – wishful thinking. If ridding this County of Hill was only that easy. The voters of San Luis Obispo County have proven time and again that scumbags, like Adam Hill, are somehow worthy of being elected. The proof of that is in Supervisor Hill – he’s the man!




This man (allegedly) has a masters degree in writing and taught writing at Cal Poly? Looks like Hill, his counsel, software, keyboard, proofreader, and spellcheck were all under the influence. Was this thrashed out in one of Hill’s infamous late night sessions?


I despise typos, but that ‘Declaration’ of Hill’s is the worst I’ve seen! How is it that people in this County continue to put fools like Adam in lucrative positions? WAKE UP – VOTERS IN SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY!!!


Even under oath it is unlikely anyone would get Hill to tell the truth.


And to that, Hill would retort, “It all depend on what your definition of ‘truth’ is.”




Why is my tax money paying the salary of that worthless Rita Neal bias County Counsel for Adam Hill. I demand that he stop using this free service for his blunders and reimburse the County taxpayers for her cost.

This guy looks and acts like the mafia of days past. I know he came from New Jersey but does he really need to look as well as act like a thug. My have been laughing since reading the Aaron Oaks article and watching all these despicable people fold and run and hide.

Didn’t Adam teach English or journalism or some pertaining subject to students because now I understand the problem with our graduating students. This man is a disgrace no matter what he does!


He can’t spell but he knows how to use words to bully!

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