Adam Hill predisposed to not being deposed

October 5, 2016
Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was scheduled to be deposed Friday in a case involving CCN, but the deposition is on hold while Hill mounts a legal battle to stop his requirement to testify under oath.

Charles Tenborg filed a lawsuit against CalCoastNews in 2013, claiming libel. As part of discovery, CCN’s attorneys served Hill with a subpoena for a deposition.

Days before the scheduled deposition — and despite the county not being party to the case —  County Counsel Rita Neal contacted CCN attorneys on behalf of Hill. She claimed Hill had a scheduled meeting, and thus would not be able to attend the deposition. Neal also argued that Hill has no personal knowledge about the lawsuit and should not have to testify.

Several of Tenborg’s claims against CCN are specific to IWMA board issues, including the approval of Tenborg’s contract. Hill is a member of the IWMA board and voted to approve Tenborg’s contract. In addition, Tenborg testified that he spoke with Hill about the lawsuit before he filed his claim, and Hill subsequently sent texts to CalCoastNews advertisers boasting of his involvement in the case.

On Oct. 3, Riverside attorney Douglas Smith sent an ex parte motion seeking to prevent Hill from testifying before CCN attorneys. In the motion, Smith claims Hill is exempt from being deposed because he is a high ranking public official with no personal knowledge of claims in the lawsuit.

The supervisor is seeking a protective order and an order to quash his subpoena.

In Hill’s sworn declaration, he makes multiple grammar and spelling errors, even spelling San Luis Obispo County wrong twice.

Adam Hill’s declaration by CalCoastNews on Scribd


To: Daniel Blackburn and Karen Velie

Is this “Declaration of Adam Hill” for real? What paralegal, in his/her right mind, could ever put together a legal document that is so flawed? A copy of the signed and dated declaration would authenticate the document. The pictured declaration seems beyond credibility. I’ve never seen anything that even comes close!


Awkward headline.


Adam Hill supports you and I being taxed again

“Pay To Play” Prime Example Measure J

Wow! Look at the 460 summary sheet that a campaign is required to submit to our local and state government to show you and I who and how much money they give to sell us a position. Click on this page to easily see the summary sheet.

To see all 18 pages click on this link.•-measure-j-•-460s/

Ron DeCarli is an over $200,000 paid a year employee of SLOCOG who is pushing this down our throats donated $500 to the proponents of measure J and going all over this county to push YES on our tax dollars (his pay check) which is wrong!

Wallace Group • San Luis Obispo, CA donated $11,740 as of 9-29-16. What do you know about the Wallace Group? They are involved in heated issues with the South Sanitation District of Oceano and Arroyo Grande. They are involved in the Los Osos sewer financial nightmare. The Wallace Group has a financial stranglehold on our county choking out other businesses. Look up all the articles and meetings held because of the Wallace Group concerns and proof by citizen groups and city council records.

I estimate that by the election there will be over $200,000 collected to run a campaign to talk you all into voting YES on Measure J-16.

Go to website and learn why I am voting NO on Measure J-16 and there you can read all the pages (18) of the 460’s and all the individual donor’s names and amount.

Why do they need big money to jam this down our throats? It is because the ballot measure requires a ⅔ majority vote to succeed! That is why you and I want to protect proposition 13 that require a ⅔ majority vote to TAX us. This is our only protection.

So tell your neighbors and friends and enemies to vote NO on Measure J-16.

It is a SCAM . View the video linked here that Supervisor Lynn Compton and Supervisor Debbie Arnold give their reasons why it is a SCAM.

Supervisor Debbie Arnold

Supervisor Lynn Compton

fight back

VOTE NO on Measure J-16


Ron DeCarli of SLOCOG is promoting this Measure because if it does not pass he will be out of a job, very simple. This is just like the Air Quality Board, the bigger the pot the more they get. Their operation is scam.

Already the County can save thousands of dollars just by getting rid of him and his staff! I went to SLOCOG site and they must be really busy with this Measure J because they don;t even have a 2015-16 Budget posted much less the 2016-17 Budget –

This is a listing of the positions (20 not including legal counsel) in SLOCOG and their pay, enjoy before dinner because it will make you sick.

Plan Administration and Implementing Guidelines for SLOCOG*****

Salary and Administration Cost Caps: (PAGE 20)

The salaries and benefits for administrative purposes shall not exceed 1% of the gross revenues of the sales tax. The allocated cost of staff that directly implements specific projects or programs included in the Strategic Plan are not included in administrative costs.

Before BONDS – YES, Bonds can be issued for projects

After holding a public hearing, each local jurisdiction shall annually adopt by resolution a five-year program of projects including information about each of the projects to be

funded with Local Control Program revenues allocated according to the Plan.



Any yet Adam Hill type people tell us that if law enforcement wants to talk to us go ahead, as long as you have nothing to hide. So one can conclude Adam does indeed have something to hide.


One thing you can count on from (Paid Off) County counsel Rita Neal, is delay, delay then lie, commit perjury, have others lie on her behalf, falsify records, destroy documents and alter the facts in any case.

County counsel has over 12 lawyers we the taxpayers are paying and yet she (Rita) still gets her friends to obtain a county contract to also uses our tax dollars to pay lawyers to delay and lie to cover up truth and facts.

If you have nothing to hide, cover-up, conceal, and are NOT afraid of the Truth and Penalty of Perjury stop delaying and lying, it is a crime….She has also hired X Clayton to conduct investigations into CCN and others all on the tax payers dime.

Jorge Estrada

Another Clintonista tactic, get yourself exempt from having to speak. As most would agree, if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything, especially if it is self incriminating.


That statement looks like a 5 year old wrote it.

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

By now, we all know the imbecile known as Adam Hill, but please also remember to vote against his close associates, Caren Ray and Kristien Barneich. They are just as bad as Adam Hill, and we must remove people like them from the body politic.

Barneich has used city programs and resources to enrich her family, and the scandal with ‘Tree City USA’ is enough to throw her out of office. We must not tolerate corruption by these elected psychopaths, and she does not deserve to serve beyond her appointment term.

Caren Ray is a political power-seeker willing to cozy up to the likes of Adam Hill if only she can feel powerful. Caren Ray has had personal scandals where she was running around our city naked and under the influence, and her behavior makes us all blush. Someone like this ought to get involved in a church or find some moral direction in life, not embarrass us as our elected representative.

On Tuesday, November 8, please join me on saying NO to Hill, Ray and Barneich.

Just saying,



All constituents suporting the reelection of Adam Hill should rethink their position. My eight year old granddaughter has better grammar and spelling skills than Mr. Hill. The above “Declaration of Adam Hill” is something all SLO county residents should be embarrassed about. This declaration further demonstrates to me Mr. Hill’s lack of good judgment and intelligence. Mr. Hill continues to try and over-compensate for his inadequacies with his smoke screens and bullying. This man is dangerous, scary and thinks he is exempt from our governing laws and that he is untouchable. CCN I hope your attorney is able to depose Mr. Hill. But seriously, does this man know how to tell the truth, under sworn testimony or not????


It was written by a lawyer, not Hill. Send the lawyer back to high school to learn how to spell and write. Or maybe have Hill tutor him in writing, since that’s what he does.


Even worse than the terrible spelling and grammar, and Adam Hill thinking he is a exempt because he is a “high ranking public official” (get over it, you’re a County Supervisor, for the moment-not the fricking President of the United States!), is the audacity (and possible illegality) of County Counsel Rita Neal, once again stepping over the line. She should be reprimanded and probably fired! Fire Adam Hill, Fire Rita Neal!