Carpenter leads during latest fundraising period

October 29, 2016

Councilman Dan Carpenter


Despite San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill allegedly using access to his office to pressure developers to donate money to his campaign, during the latest reporting period his opponent Dan Carpenter raised significantly more money than Hill.

In the District 1 race, John Peschong is the clear leader garnering more than three times that of his opponent Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin during the latest fundraising period, which ran from Sept. 25 to Oct.22. Overall, Peschong has raised more money than any of the other candidates running for a seat on the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

Including fundraising in both 2015 and 2016, Peschong leads the pack with $291,698 in total donations, followed by Hill with $269,158, then Carpenter with $176,794 and Martin at $65,633.

District 1, which runs inland from the Monterey County line to Templeton, has 5,810 more Republicans than Democrats giving conservative candidate Peschong an advantage over Martin, a Democrat.John Peschong 5

Peschong raised $41,495 in donations during the latest reporting period. His largest contributions were from Michael Burns, the CEO of MickTec in Hollywood, who donated $5,000 and Valley Farm Supply, a company partially owned by SLO County Supervisor Lynn Compton, which donated $1,500.

From Sept. 25 through Oct. 22, Martin received $12,915 in total donations. Martin’s largest donors include SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson and the Eric Michielssen for Supervisor campaign, both of which donated $1,000.

Total Contributions:

John Peschong – $291,698

Steve Martin – $65,633

Total Expenditures:

John Peschong – $280,637

Steve Martin – $47,643

Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin

Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin

In the June 7 primary, Peschong received 45.52 percent of the vote and Martin garnered 35.02 percent.

District 3, which includes Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and a portion of San Luis Obispo, has 2,036 more Democrats than Republicans. Hill is a Democrat and Carpenter is not affiliated with a political party.

Throughout the campaign, Hill has benefited from numerous contributions from developers, including several donors who have had or will have projects come before the board of supervisors.

However, amid allegations of pay to play against Hill, Carpenter’s fundraising pace picked up in 2016 in which time he raised $10,868 more than Hill.

During the latest fundraising period, Carpenter raised $42,891. His top donations include $20,000 from Shell Beach based philanthropist B. Wayne Hughes Jr., $5,000 from urban designer T. Keith Gurnee and $5,000 from a political action committee associated with the Home Builders Association of the Central Coast.

Supervisor Adam hill

Supervisor Adam hill

Amid allegations Hill cut off some members access to his office because the association had not sufficiently supported Hill’s campaign for reelection, the association responded by donating to Hill’s rival, Carpenter.

Total Contributions:

Adam Hill – $269,912

Dan Carpender – $176,794

Total Expenditures:

Adam Hill – $242,341

Dan Carpenter – $164,352

In the June primary, Hill received 41.21 percent of the vote, and Carpenter garnered 31.63 percent.

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They see the light.

Business men are waking up to a new day where fairness lives and Dan Carpenter is Supervisor!

Thank you to all that have contributed to get the BULLY out!

This is the best news of the week.

Adam Hill can’t get any money from his usual donors, since they’re all throwing big bucks (nearly $300,000 to date) into the YES on J ballot measure. That should be enough to make you vote NO on J! Follow the money~always!!

I have a pretty good feeling Adam Hill is making his last rounds threatening everyone for chump change travel money, and not spending much on any half ass re-election attempt. Lame duck.

See ya’ Adam Hill.

When this is all over I wonder if Adam Hill will donate any residual campaign funds to his favorite non-profit? Dee Torres?

My money is Adam Hill divorcing Wife #2, leaving SLO County, and moving back to Jersey, running for office, where his style is considered polite. Former Supervisor Bud Laurent, the genius who said Los Osos never needed a sewer, pulled something similar when he left the area and ran for office in Oregon.

Didn’t Laurent first leave SLO for SB once his pension was secured?

Yes.Laurent got some Environazi job in SB, then ended up in Oregon.

Who are you going to vote for, the bully slanting left, or the climber who lacks positions on issues because he’s still studying them? Few people seem to like Hill, but many people like his positions on issues.

“Bully”? Adam Hill is far worse than a “bully.” He’s a loathsome reprobate who endeavors to sell the image of being an environmentalist. while courting developer dollars. In other words he’s a hypocrite.

His public has also been an embarrassment to residents of SLO County. He needs to go and he needs to take fellow garbage like Gibson with him.

What positions? That he supports “controlled growth”? He doesn’t, he just wants to sell his vote to his chosen developers, like in “Joisey”. All developers will be given a fair hearing by Dan Carpenter, as will their opponents, and be surprised that on the occasions he does not agree with their proposal, he can’t be bought.