Builders say Supervisor Hill made threats over campaign support

October 28, 2016
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


In what is being described as a pay to play demand, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill is alleged to have barred access and threatened financial harm to members of the Home Builders Association of the Central Coast if they do not support his campaign.

The controversy began about seven months ago when the association’s political action committee decided to remain neutral in the District 3 supervisor race because both candidates have supported housing projects in the past. The association has, in the past, donated $500 to a single candidate based on positions taken in support of new housing projects. In the June primary, the association donated $250 to both Hill and his opponent in the District 3 race, Dan Carpenter, according to campaign financial records.

Sources involved with the association, who have asked to remain unnamed because of fear of retaliation, said Hill complained about the association’s support of his opponent and the amount they had donated to his campaign. Even so, the association did not donate any more money to Hill’s election bid.

Then, about a month ago, Hill told the association that he would no longer meet with its government affairs committee members because they had failed to give him enough support, sources said.

In turn, the association’s political action committee voted to donate an additional $5,000 to Carpenter’s campaign and no more money to Hill because of his failure to provide access, sources said.

In a letter sent earlier this week, the association informed Carpenter they were supporting his campaign because of his fairness and impartiality.

“We favor candidates who demonstrate the ability to make fair and impartial decisions, listen to all sides before making up their minds, and apply local state land use and housing polices, laws and ordinances in a logical and consistent manner,” the letter says.

Hill responded by demanding Jeff Eckles, the association’s executive director, “make it right” or face further retaliation, sources said. Specifically, Hill said that association member’s projects would have a target on them during supervisor hearings and that he would appoint a new planning commissioner who would be opposed to new housing, sources said.

In addition, Hill contacted several board members and asked that they fire Eckles, terminate their membership with the association and send him more money, sources said.

Hill did not respond to a request for comment.

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Adam, Adam, why ya’ buggin’?

See ya’!

Is this guy taking the Hillary Clinton approach to politics? Just overload people with ill-gotten gains, malfeasance, corruption and bullying, all with the hope that it numbs the voting public? It’s like they feel secure in knowing that the lower-IQ populace is solidly now voting democrat?

I know it’s hard to criticize one party without appearing to be cheering for the other (that is by design, btw); but honestly, do democrats truly believe enough people are just that stupid?

Political parties aside, it’s more like Hill is taking the Donald Trump approach to politics. He is an overweight boorish bully who is quick to attack anyone that disagrees with him. Blames the media as biased (especially CCN) for any negative coverage directed his way. Claims he is being unfairly targeted by his opponent while simultaneously launching a vicious personal attack against him. Personally enriches himself through unscrupulous deals whenever possible. Pretends to support family values while being verbally abusive to women and cheating on his wife. Hill is definitely the Trump of the central coast.

Adam’s candidacy can best be described as “indecent exposure.”

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Incumbent Supervisor Adam Hill, as evidenced by this specific incident and others like it, needs to be reported to the SLO County Grand Jury and investigated by the California State Attorney General’s Office. Enough is enough.

Adam Hill represents the worst in us, and voters need to reject his cynical pay-to-play politics on Tuesday, November 8th.

For the record, i BELIEVE Debbie Peterson when she describes Adam Hill’s creepy behavior. I believe Dan Carpenter when he describes Adam Hill assaulting him at a fundraiser. I believe the others as well, Adam Hill is a cancer on our local politics, and he has to go.

Please vote ‘No” on Adam Hill, Caren Ray, Kristian Barneich, John Shoals, etc., and together we can return southern San Luis County to the wonderful place it was.

Thanks everyone!


You know if we were to believe the nonsense the Tribune writes we would understand that these are all lies and made up stories about hill, just a couple days ago the paper says that Debbie made up her story,according to hill of course. You’ll also notice that the trib endorsed hill saying that he may have been little harsh a couple times but thats what it takes to be in his position, or words to that effect, EXCUSE ME how stupid does the Tribune think we are, there have been countless people coming forward with the same type of accusations against this fool and I don’t believe that these are made up stories,I’m pretty sure that Debbie did not make up some horse shit story to make this ass look bad I don’t believe that is her style. I hope for all of us that district 3 votes this clown out of here,its just not for dist 3 its for all of us.

This story is the same every time. I could name two other associations he has treated this way, if they weren’t afraid to step up. Remember, this is how he operated with Dick Mason who reported on Adam’s snub of Capslo, with Will Harris the State geologist who dared express an opinion, Debbie Peterson who didn’t vote his way on the APCD. He demanded of their boards that they fire them, or else. So they caved in and fired them.

If Arroyo Grande could vote out Joe Costello and Tony Ferrara could lose to a write-in, the voters in District 3 can certainly find a way to fire Adam Hill.

Similar stories of intimidation came to light after Ferrara’s loss. The voters of District 3 have the advantage of this being out in the open before the election.

Do not forget who Hill’s friends are.

Share this story far and wide.

This is outrageous! Why isn’t the FPPC or the Attorney General or someone else investigating this? We have e-mails, all kinds of witnesses to his demands – what else is needed? It takes some nerve to demand Jeff Eccles be fired over this. I’m glad the HBACC didn’t cave in. Jeff Eccles is the best thing to happen to that association since Jennifer Philips left years ago.

Should he be re-elected, I hope he will be investigated for this “pay to play” scam.

Better yet just vote him out.

Adam Hill just keeps on giving! Giving us reasons why he should not be re-elected to a third term for Supervisor.

Pray the low information voters within the 3rd district will hear of this latest outrageous action by Adam Hill.. Not holding my breath that The Tribune will report this.

As one national candidate is saying…”need to drain the swamp in DC,” we “need to drain the swamp” in SLO County!

Vote Dan Carpenter for Supervisor!