Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s fluffed up resume

October 24, 2016
Dawn Ortiz-Legg

Dawn Ortiz-Legg


Dawn Ortiz-Legg, like most candidates, is great at “fluffing” her resume.

Throughout her entire campaign, she has touted her qualifications as a “small business owner” and she has highlighted her experience with the regional solar company, First Solar. It doesn’t take much snooping to find out that she has highly mischaracterized her time with First Solar.

Dawn is not even technically an employee of the company. She is an independent contractor.

She brags about First Solar’s job creation but as a contractor, she had little to nothing to do with the small amount of jobs created by First Solar. In addition, most of the jobs created by the company were given to people who aren’t even from our communities. The employees were shipped in from outside of the Central Coast – stripping jobs away from local residents.

It baffles me when Dawn touts her record with First Solar as a qualification to be elected as a member of the State Assembly. These are not “qualifications;” these are fabrications.

Sharon Truex lives in Paso Robles.

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so she’s a “fluffer”? hmm, explains a lot.

south mentioned that 93% of Dawn Ortiz Legg’s campaign dollars came from out of district!

Ortiz Legg supports Measure J.

It is interesting to note that 78% of the $291,000 raised so far by the Yes on J Committee are also from outside the county.

As far as J is concerned, there must be a pony in the Measure J pile…and the Forgotten Taxpayer got the pile of manure!

This woman has lies about her father’s foundation that has not been active for a couple of years, she has been doing an online college classes, and she was part of the team that hired 400 TEMPORARY workers for the Solar Project but in the Tribune article of 2015 they refused to state how many permanent workers would continue at the facility. She also at first lied about having been arrested although that was fault, and twice, she was arrested, once for being drunk and once at the airport for having drugs in her luggage while traveling with her daughter. Perfect role model for a mom. Wonder if she hired an attorney to fight these charges and if she calls him deplorable?

This woman’s whole campaign is a lie!

Where have all of the good people gone to? It’s a wonder that we have a few good honest ethical people to vote for. Jordon Cunningham for Assembly, John Peschong for Supervisor, Dan Carpenter for Supervisor and Nicholas Mattson for Atascadero Mayor.

What a pleasant change it would be to have these honorable people serve us.

Everything is good except for Nic Mattson who is being sold to us by the Democratic Central Committee and is being supported by Michelson and Jim Patterson, and that should tell us all that we need to know.

As much as I would love to see a new Mayor for Atascadero this is not the right person. Michelson is deceitful and Jim Patterson was a Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill buddy. Hopefully we are through with that mess!

Atascadero needs a strong, honesty leader who can accomplish projects that benefits all the citizens and not just the cliche running the current City. O’Malley definitely needs to go and there has to be a strong honest leader out there.

That has already been addressed and nothing is further from the truth. I do not think that Nicholas Mattson is registered as a Democrat or Republican. Neither Patterson or Michaelson have endorsed Mattson. Those were all false statements that were generated by the O’Malley attack team at the ABA. I think KPRL also took a shot at it until they contacted Mr. Matson and got the truth.Check the Form 460 and you will see who financially supports each candidate financially. Unfortunately O’Malley and crew have learned to divert their funds to the ABA, A Better Atascadero, which has a different reporting schedule than candidates. Nicholas Mattson is trying to bring the community back together which O’Malley and crew has divided. Nicholas Mattson is endorsed by 6 former Mayors. Nicholas Mattson is a good honest person who is active in many non-profit organizations in town. To much greater degree than O’Malley who mostly supports these organizations via a photo op and that is it.

If you still have any doubt go to Nicholas Mattson for Mayor website and just ask him. Unlike O’Malley he will respond.

First rule of politics…If a politician’s lips are moving, they are lying.

Second rule of politics….Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.

Dawn is another Caren Ray

A pawn for the progressives

An Adam Hill girl in his stable of women.

A vote for Dawn is a vote for more of what we do not want, the willingness to lie, to be a progressive puppet and bad for America and San Luis Obispo County!

Vote for Jordan Cunningham a man that understands working families

Reason #24,376,750 NOT to vote for Dawn Ortiz Legg

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is becoming increasingly clear that many of our aspiring politicians from the Central Coast are mere frauds, perpetrating a lie. Mrs. Dawn Ortiz-Legg is no exception.

Dawn Ortiz-Legg is not just telling a lie, her whole life has been a lie. Ortiz-Legs demeaned our heroic war veterans and labeled us all ‘war criminals’ She has condemned Israel, America’s best ally in the tumultuous Middle East. She lied and misled about her criminal convictions for DUI and drug abuse. She slanders her opponent unabashedly.

Get it? This is a woman who will say and do anything to get elected. She lacks the character and judgement to serve the public, and people across the ideological spectrum should abandon her candidacy. She is not alone, as other politicians are equally as bad.

Caren Ray, Kristian Barneich, Adam Hill, John Shoals, Bruce Gibson, Eric Howell are also people who cannot be trusted and must be denied the opportunity to serve.

We deserve leaders with integrity. Vote on November 8th.

Just saying,



I think it’s time the general public and even local media just start ignoring Campaign ads and statements. We know they are 1/2 made up exaggerations or distortions, so why be swayed or give them more thought than when I will clean my sock drawer….honestly.

The simple answer to that Rich is that the voter has become lazy. Voting in the US is too easy and generation after generation has forgotten the honor of what free elections mean. This, plus the general dissatisfaction with elected leaders in general. We assume they will like, cheat and steal to get into power.

From the president down, it’s the same. When Clinton can leave office broke (their words) and 16 years later be multi millionaires, one understands what the motivation is. So the jaded public just sniffs, Democrats, Republicans, what does it matter. And the listen to the latest ad and marks the ballot.

In places like Afghanistan, voters leave the booth weeping with joy.

As to Dawn Ortiz-Legg. She is an unqualified, unintelligible, cynical candidate who has a very good chance of representing us in Sacramento because people don’t care that the party has funded her campaign and that 93% of the money she “raised” came from outside the district. They don’t care, and outside of this media outlet, no one has reported it.

The Tribune endorsed her for the sole, let me repeat it, sole reason being she is a Democrat.

Excellent post…

Bout sizes it all up.

Until they add a, [ ] None of the Above, to all elected positions, and should that get the most votes it means all parties go back and find new candidates to offer up. voting will not regain it’s honor. Both major parties no longer support the people, they support the money.

This is the best and brightest we have?

And now the choices are so bad we have to write in candidates? Like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, my father, anybody but the hold your nose choices we have this cycle?