Hill the hilarious

October 7, 2016
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


Well Adam Hill, you’ve done it again. You just can’t help yourself, and your ability to get things wrong every time is at once astounding and hilarious. At least it keeps us entertained.

The latest two funnies were your “declaration” associated with the legal case that you are supporting against CCN and your reaction to a campaign contribution I recently (and happily) made to your opponent, Dan Carpenter.

First let’s take the “declaration.” Apparently out of fear of having to tell the truth in a deposition with CCN’s attorneys, you prepared a short declaration in an effort to dodge that deposition.

As a person who has taught writing and English at Cal Poly, how is it that you would have 37 spelling errors in three short paragraphs? On the signature line, you couldn’t even spell your name right. Were you sober when you wrote it?

It will be interesting to see if your functionally illiterate piece of prose is enough to convince the county to step in on your behalf to conceal the truth of your involvement in this case as a private citizen.

As for my contribution to Dan Carpenter, you sent out a OneDrive file to your email list that contained Carpenter’s disclosure form alluding to me and my contribution as coming from the “Laetitia Ag Cluster designer and investor… .”

You are dead wrong on both counts: I was never involved in designing the Laetitia project, nor was I ever an investor in it. How can you get off lying like this?

Besides, the amount of my contribution pales before the size of those you have received from your big developer buddies who are helping you bankroll your vicious and vitriolic attack ads against Dan Carpenter. I knew those nasty ads would come, but they are nastier than I could’ve imagined.

You have now proven yourself to be an illiterate, incompetent, and inveterate liar who will stop at nothing in your desperate quest to hold onto power. May your attempt to dodge your deposition fail and may your attempt at reelection go down in flames. Meanwhile, do your best to keep us laughing!

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Anyone that supports Adam Ant Hill, Fea Torres and Gibson are as crooked as they are.Cannon Cocker

Where has Debbie Peterson landed on the race? Has she endorsed Carpenter? Has she asked her supporters to vote for Dan?

My fear is that a deal may have been made for her to succeed Hill, assuming he is reelected, in exchange for her support in rallying liberals/progressives to Hill’s side.

Anybody have any ideas where she is on the race?

Debbie outright beat Hill in Grover. She’ll easily win a council seat. No deal.

Unfortunately Debbie Peterson obeyed the local County Democratic Central Committee and did not help expose Hill’s complete hypocrisy on development review and consequences. The Committee needs the money. Endorsing Carpenter as both a more decent human being, and while not being anti-development, cannot just be bought by developers like a corrupt Jersey politician (he has lived in the district his entire life), is what I expected. Debbie Peterson is just a realtor; useless, parasitic and unprincipled. She obviously thought of nothing beyond her own political positioning and strategy for her future ambitions.

While it’s fun to constantly lampoon this over deserving fool…there is really very little about him that is hilarious or even funny. Sad, but true.

But, Mr. Gurnee, your contribution to the Carpenter campaign was $5000! That’s not exactly pocket change. Surely there’s more to the story than that you don’t like Adam Hill?

Oh? Them tell us about the $5,000 from unknown Micheal Burns of Marina Del Rey to Adam Hill? Who is Micheal Burns? What’s his connection to SLO? Which developer is he behind? The Tribune is outright negligent. Adam Hill is selling this county down the river to developers.

Kevin, thanks for raising that question, but I don’t have the answer. So I googled him (you misspelled his name, by the way), and find he’s some conceited smartass tech millennial, apparently very rich. “Helping build highly scalable global tech companies that annihilate the competition,” is how he describes himself and his work. Sounds like a lot of hot air, but doesn’t appear to be a developer type. Why don’t you call your friend Adam, or just email him, and ask what Burns wants from Adam? Sometimes asking is better than speculating.

I for one appreciate Mr Gurnee giving back to the community.

Firing Adam Hill benefits us all.

Thank you Mr Gurnee for your generous donation to Mr Carpenter’s campaign.

Well Ricky2, you’re right it was big, but it has been dwarfed by the contributions of his developer cabal that is now financing Hill’s awful commercials featuring nastygrams about Carpenter. And “there is no more to the story” other than my conviction that Adam Hill is the worst Supervisor I have ever seen in my 5 decades in this County. You must feel that Adam is all “peaches and cream”. Well he’s not. The peaches have rotted and the cream has turned. In some small town in New Jersey, a village is missing its idiot. Let’s return him to his village..

Mr. Gurnee’s contribution pales in comparison to Hill’s developers. And yes, maybe he doesn’t like Adam Hill, like a lot of decent people who supported what Hill for said he stood for, and thought he was a reasonable person. Gibson is also in this category. Debbie Arnold and Lynn Compton are not ideologues and can be talked to and Hill and Gibson are ideologues who can’t be. It’s a given 3-2 with Peschong winning. If you want a moderate for the 3rd who you can take your case to Carpenter is your only choice. Add him to surprisingly moderate conservative darlings Debbie and Lynn and I can live with it. I cannot live with reprobate Hill, a guy who has, in addition to all his other arrogant and offensive behavior, expressed pride in not cleaning up after his dog on a school sports field near his house. Hey, I’m important. Ya know what that means in Joisey?

I have said this over and over. Adam, please stay away from any communication device after drinking or drugging.

Get out and vote Dan Carpenter for Supervisor. Get your family and friends on board. We must defeat the bully!

Yes, get out the vote, and get Hill supporters turned around like I have with my parents and neighbors. If Keith Gurnee were running against Carpenter, sorry Dan, you’re a nice guy but you don’t have my vote. That is not the case.

Adam tells a lie? I am shocked, dismayed and flabbergasted! Not really.

Direct and to the point. He is an embarrassment to the County. Why does he want this job sooooo bad… :)


What other type job, other than politics, can one make both a good salary and “misc cash” for so little actual work?

Dumb like a fox perhaps. Although claiming to be a teacher of some sort, this preschool document produced by none other is the beginning of his plea of insanity. Of course that will relieve him of any under oath admitting to his crimes against the residents of slo.