Jordan Cunningham is a proven leader

October 27, 2016

Jordan Cunningham


As someone that worked in law enforcement, I understand the daily sacrifices our men and women in uniform make. Considering the dangerous nature of the job, police officers need all the support we can get.

Whether it comes from within the community or from our elected officials, we would not be able to serve our purpose without the proper support and resources.

Assembly candidate Jordan Cunningham has proven to be a leader who is dedicated to supporting our local law enforcement. To Jordan, public safety is more than just a talking point.

As a former San Luis Obispo County Deputy District Attorney, Jordan possesses real experience in our legal system. He has a deep understanding of the complex issues that confront our public safety, which is why he is trusted by public safety leaders throughout the region.

We need to elect more leaders like Jordan who not only offer law enforcement support, but who have the knowledge to fix the underlying issues of our public safety.


Yesterday (October 27) the California Democratic Party with the bottomless pit coffers, sent us anti-Jordan Cunningham propaganda number 5. Flagrant waste of paper, ink, postage, massive $$ paid to democratic employees, plus USPS time to sort/deliver lies about Jordan. The “illustrious” president Obama made yet another tax-payer-funded trip to Los Angeles earlier this week to raise $$$$$ for the national democratic party, including the California Democratic Party. All this to ensure our recycling bins always overflow with deceptive paper matter! No further evidence required that JORDAN DESERVES YOUR VOTE for California State Assemblyman!


I am voting for Jordan Cunningham because once elected he will help our county kick butt up there on our behalf.

I know that his opponent will not do anything like have a town hall on all the $ Sacramento is stealing from us on Roads!

Jordan who was President of the Central Coast Taxpayers Association will and is fighting against Measure J’s passing and is endorsed by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association fighting to stop the 1/2% tax for this and another one and it will never be enough!

Jordan Cunningham for State Assembly


NO on Measure J


…daily sacrifices our men and women in uniform make.

Do not take this the wrong way, but it is not a “sacrifice” if one is well-compensated, regardless of the hazards, especially considering it’s a voluntary thing (unless someone forces you to become an LEO).

I may be a bit jaded, as my only experience with police has been when they wear the hat of glorified meter-maid revenue-collectors. Obviously I have been lucky, judging by all the increased reporting of crimes in the area of late.

I just find it helpful for a populace, as a whole, to not have *any* “sacred cows” – and when people start throwing around terms like “sacrifice” or “heroes” it really does water down those who actually are when called upon.

For those who have been called upon to be heroic and who have made sacrifices (loss of life, limb and mind for the safety or betterment of the citizenry), I say a hearty thank you and honor your actual sacrifices and heroism.

That all said, I probably will be voting for Cunningham just because Ortiz-Legg has had nothing but attack ads (true, Cunningham is starting to hit back, and it’s in poor taste, but that’s how a political race best works for the ignorant and uninformed masses). Whether he is a “leader” remains to be seen. He is definitely a politician, which by definition is an opportunist. Then again, Ortiz-Legg is pretty opportunist and an obvious plant by Sacramento tax-and-spend, big-government ignoramuses.