Ortiz-Legg is the choice of Sacramento pawnbrokers

October 13, 2016

SLO County Assessor Tom Bordonaro


As a former assemblyman, I know if you want to know who the special interest candidate is in any election, then follow the money.

On Sept. 29, finance reports were released and I was flabbergasted to find that Assembly candidate Dawn Ortiz-Legg received approximately 93 percent of her money from outside the district. That means that only 7 percent of the money raised for her campaign came from people that can actually vote for her.

Dawn Ortiz-Legg is the obvious choice Sacramento power brokers, but is not the choice for this district!

Tom J. Bordonaro Jr. is the San Luis Obispo County assessor and a former assemblyman.

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I voted twice today for Jordan Cunningham. Vote early and vote often.

Just got todays mail, 3 fliers from Dawns money backers

PAWNbrokers? Oh CCN, you so funny. Tell us who the payday loan folks are backing.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

With all due respect, I don’t think Tom Bordonaro Jr. is the best person to wax poetic about the influence of special-interests in our politics. As long time readers of the CCN’s know, in 2010, Karen Veile exposed County Assessor Tom Bordonaro Jr., for giving sweetheart tax breaks to his friends and associates, at a considerable cost to taxpayers.

Having said that, I support Jordon Cunningham for state assembly because I know the Dawn Ortiz-Legg is the wrong choice to represent our area in Sacramento. Remember, Dawn Ortiz-Legg indicts you and I as ‘war criminals’, and attacks Israel as well as our heroic veterans.

I predict Dawn Ortiz-Legg will lose on Election Day. If she wins, we lose.

Just saying,


Anyone who knows Tom Bordonaro knows that he’s a better man than most.

He’s actually a role model for what a politician should be: honest. This campaign of Ortiz Legg’s really shows you what a person running for political office shouldn’t be: bought and paid for. I too will be voting for Jordan Cunningham.

Those accusations you make against Bordanaro, how about names and numbers? Was there an investigation or just idle accusations?

If I recall this correctly, after the accusation, Bordonaro voluntarily requested that the County Grand Jury investigate him. They did and found nothing. That was a long time ago, when Karen was throwing unwarranted bombs. Things are better researched at CCN nowadays.

Make that now four, and counting. Another California Democratic Party piece of trash delivered this afternoon to our mailbox. Two full color, two-sided pages, folded, further demeaning Jordan with no mention whatsoever Dawn’s name. PLEASE VOTE FOR JORDAN!

Like Lois Capps, Ortiz-Legg is a mindless robot for the California Democrat Party.

Like State Senator Bill Monning, Ortiz-Legg doesn’t gave a hoot about the residents of SLO County.

I’ve e-mailed Monning 3 or 4 times with questions and have never received answers.

Thank you, Tom! Two registered voters in this household are voting for Jordan. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for Jordan.

3 here in my household for Cunningham!

Four here.

Dawn Ortiz Legg’s campaign is circling the drain. Think about it folks: All the outside money and negative ads. She could care less about representing the people of this area. She’s only out for power at any cost. As far as the electorate of this district are concerned, the ends don’t justify the means. We want someone who will truly represent our interests. Vote for Jordan Cunningham.