Santa Barbara News-Press first daily paper to endorse Trump

October 19, 2016
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The Santa Barbara News-Press recently endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, becoming the first daily newspaper in the United States to do so during the general election cycle. Despite facing criticism for the endorsement, the Santa Barbara daily is sticking to its decision.

Earlier this month, the News-Press published its list of endorsements without any explanations for the candidates it was choosing. Left-leaning network MSNBC then ran a segment on the Rachel Maddow Show covering the News-Press’s endorsement of Trump.

“The Santa Barbara News-Press is picking Donald Trump, but they are giving no explanation for it and no argument,” Maddow said.

Other media outlets then followed suit and covered the News-Press’s endorsement. On Wednesday, the News-Press responded by publishing an editorial explaining its support of Trump.

“We have been asked why we endorsed Donald Trump,” the editorial states. “The reasons are many. On a local level, we have seen the consequences of lawless immigration. We have reported how ignoring federal law jeopardizes our constitutional rights and, in some cases, takes lives.”

The News-Press’s editorial is only online for digital subscribers to the paper.

Since the News-Press published its endorsements, a second daily newspaper, which also has the name News-Press, likewise endorsed Trump. Missouri daily the St. Joseph News-Press is owned by the same company that owns Santa Barbara broadcaster KEYT.

The St. Joseph News-Press published an editorial stating, “Trump represents something different for a broad swath of America that is serious about wanting a less intrusive government, a more robust economic recovery and leadership that protects our interests around the world.”

During the current election cycle, some newspapers that had traditionally backed Republicans have endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. USA Today urged its readers to vote for anyone but Trump.

The Santa Barbara News-Press has conservative leanings, but its current list of endorsement includes Democratic and independent candidates. In races that affect San Luis Obispo County, the News-Press endorsed Republican Assembly candidate Jordan Cunningham, Republican congressional candidate Justin Fareed and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez. No Republican candidate qualified for the general election ballot in the Senate race.

Last year, the News-Press offices became a target for protesters and vandals after the Santa Barbara paper published a front-page headline stating, “Illegals line up for driver’s licenses.” Vandals sprayed graffiti on the News-Press offices and fired paintballs at the building.


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Trump is toast, anybody that believes otherwise is delusional. Hillary doesn’t even need to win any swing states, her EC numbers already put her over the top. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

And the media doesn’t really give him negative coverage – they mainly just roll tape of what he’s said or tweeted, which is always newsworthy because of its outlandishness and absurdity and then have a panel of equally-divided Trump/Clinton supporters argue ad nauseum about it, really just trying to figure out why a grown man who claims to want to be president says and does such things. It’s become pretty obvious over the past year that he is emotionally stunted and has some serious mental health issues. He is such a potentially dangerous leader that Hillary would have to delete millions of emails before she would be half as bad a candidate as he. Oh, and that water-drinking and sniffling he does when he’s on stage with her? Ever noticed he doesn’t do that during his rallies? He’s scared to death of the big stage. He’s small time and if you can’t see it, you have been suckered big time.

The “slanted media” which Trump supporters claim are so biased against him gave Donald over $3 Billion worth of free coverage during this election season.

I can’t believe people really want a guy that’ll drive our bus into a ditch again, like Billy Bush’s relative George W. did.

Are memories that short or selective that you’re forgetting who got us into the Middle East endless war that helped create Al-Qaeda & ISIS, let 9/11 happen, oversaw the worst U.S. economic disaster since the Great Depression?

This isn’t partisan politics speaking, kids … this is just recent historical facts.

I don’t know how anyone imagines that a guy with no experience (other than as a business man who lost nearly a billion dollars) is going to help make our great country more secure, bring better jobs to the middle class or do anything other than take care of his rich friends.

Did your dad give you $14 million dollars to kick off your career?

Seriously folks, Donald is “not one of us.” You can’t see he obviously doesn’t give a crap about anyone except Trump. Ask any number of his ex-wives.