Santa Barbara News-Press first daily paper to endorse Trump

October 19, 2016
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The Santa Barbara News-Press recently endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, becoming the first daily newspaper in the United States to do so during the general election cycle. Despite facing criticism for the endorsement, the Santa Barbara daily is sticking to its decision.

Earlier this month, the News-Press published its list of endorsements without any explanations for the candidates it was choosing. Left-leaning network MSNBC then ran a segment on the Rachel Maddow Show covering the News-Press’s endorsement of Trump.

“The Santa Barbara News-Press is picking Donald Trump, but they are giving no explanation for it and no argument,” Maddow said.

Other media outlets then followed suit and covered the News-Press’s endorsement. On Wednesday, the News-Press responded by publishing an editorial explaining its support of Trump.

“We have been asked why we endorsed Donald Trump,” the editorial states. “The reasons are many. On a local level, we have seen the consequences of lawless immigration. We have reported how ignoring federal law jeopardizes our constitutional rights and, in some cases, takes lives.”

The News-Press’s editorial is only online for digital subscribers to the paper.

Since the News-Press published its endorsements, a second daily newspaper, which also has the name News-Press, likewise endorsed Trump. Missouri daily the St. Joseph News-Press is owned by the same company that owns Santa Barbara broadcaster KEYT.

The St. Joseph News-Press published an editorial stating, “Trump represents something different for a broad swath of America that is serious about wanting a less intrusive government, a more robust economic recovery and leadership that protects our interests around the world.”

During the current election cycle, some newspapers that had traditionally backed Republicans have endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. USA Today urged its readers to vote for anyone but Trump.

The Santa Barbara News-Press has conservative leanings, but its current list of endorsement includes Democratic and independent candidates. In races that affect San Luis Obispo County, the News-Press endorsed Republican Assembly candidate Jordan Cunningham, Republican congressional candidate Justin Fareed and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez. No Republican candidate qualified for the general election ballot in the Senate race.

Last year, the News-Press offices became a target for protesters and vandals after the Santa Barbara paper published a front-page headline stating, “Illegals line up for driver’s licenses.” Vandals sprayed graffiti on the News-Press offices and fired paintballs at the building.



The Santa Barbara News-Press recently endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, becoming the first daily newspaper in the United States to do so during the general election cycle.Cal Coast News.


So every single newspaper in the nation is against Trump (which would include CalCoast News) except the Santa Barbara News-Press? Isn’t this unprecedented in journalistic history to have the entire nation of newspapers, save one, against one candidate?

But CalCoast news’ readership–or at least your commenters here– are overwhelmingly Trump fans. Looks like by a 2 to 1 margin.

Hmmm. Better for CalCoast News to just not speak up rather than offend your readers by admitting that this paper is not a Trump fan? Or should you speak your mind on such an important topic because journalistic integrity “trumps” readership numbers?

Rock and a hard place for CalCoast News.


Perhaps many of us are not necessarily “Trump fans” rather we wish to avoid Hillary Clinton at all costs? Is Trump a good person or a decent candidate? HELL NO! With ALL of his MANY, NUMEROUS, TERRIBLE words, is he still a far better choice than Hillary? Oh yeah.

The best analogy I heard was that we’re GOTHAM, and we’re asked to vote for either the MOB (Hillary) or The Joker (Trump). One is 100% corrupt, with only the most ignorant sycophants failing to see the reality; the other is a wild card who probably will end badly, but maybe not as badly as Hillary.

The real truth, though, is how the DNC *CANNOT* win without MASSIVE cheating. Always. Even if they have to cheat in their own primary (a la Bernie). “Democrat” is becoming synonymous with “fool.”

Even the Washington Generals (aka Republicans) cannot save them from themselves this time.


Did you watch the debate? Given Trumps says he will wait until the election is closed before agreeing with it — why shouldn’t he? Given Trump’s negative onslaught by the media, the outlandish disparagement of his character by Hillary’s vicious campaign, the trail of lies revealed about Hillary, the resistance by establishment Republicans, and the evidence of rigged elections — why shouldn’t he withhold judgment? There is something wrong here — especially in California.


Trump’s negative onslaught by the media? If it wasn’t for the media’s obsession with covering his campaign, he never would have made it this far. Trump had totaled the equivalent of about $2 billion in free media, according to an analysis by mediaQuant, a company that uses advertising rates to assign a dollar amount to the amount of media coverage a candidate gets. Hillary Clinton had garnered about $746 million in free media , while Bernie Sanders free media totaled about $321 million.

And as far as disparagement of character, I think both campaigns are doing a pretty good job of viciously disparaging each other’s candidate.

Resistance by establishment Republicans? True, but that happens to most outsiders and one of the pillars of our free society is that everyone is welcome to form their own opinion and support or oppose whoever they want. Trump shouldn’t assume that just because he won the primary, he should expect a free pass and every republican must endorse him. Politicians should not just be puppets of the party regime.


I don’t recall Trump complaining on bit about the media during the primary season. If anyone should be crying foul and claiming about a “rigged” media it would be his opponents in the primary. He received hundreds of million’s of dollars in free media with the unending, and uninterrupted,coverage he got at his rallies. His opponents would have killed for such an advantage. The only reason he is where he is at is from the over the top coverage he got for free. He should be thanking the media instead of casting (Roger) stones.

All of the transgressions against him that you’ve listed are standard political practice, and things he engaged in also along the way.

Do you not remember Willie Horton? Don’t recall Democrats whining that people aren’t treating their candidate fairly in similar circumstances. I guess your guy isn’t up to “hard knuckles” politics even though he pretends to be a tough guy.

Donald can’t stand the heat, and he isn’t even in the Kitchen yet. Yep he’s ready for the world stage—-he is a clown without a costume, yet none-the-less pretty damn scary.


So you’re not aware of the Wiki leaks?

Sounds like you are relying totally upon the corrupted mainstream media.

Jon Tatro

I hate both candidates with a passion. The paper which I haven’t ever heard of just brilliantly upped its subscription by doing this move and getting national notoriety. Well played.


Hey, DPINC- would you please do the CCN readers a favor and tap the “Caps Lock” key on your keyboard, so that your messages are printed in lower case?

Messages that are typed in all caps are difficult and annoying to read, and, as the writer, you lose much of the effect of your opinion piece as a result.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and (hopefully, in advance) thank you for your cooperation.


What’s a newspaper?


I have no idea…..


Wow, what an embarrassment.

Hillary is bad, Donald is worse.

Hillary is the devil we know, Donald is the devil we don’t.

Donald is a loose cannon.

Donald acts like a buffoon.

Just watching Donald whine about everything and everyone is stomach turning. No class.

San Louie

Absolutely not.

We KNOW what Clinton is going to do and it’s going to be terrible. Trump might just surprise us in a delightful way. At the very least he’ll be better than Clinton.


Please do cite ONE specific case proving your fantasy. FACTUAL, please.


Meant as reply to DPINC


my comments were removed by i guess the moderrator . i have talked to numerous people over the years , had girlfriends from other countries and known their extended families all of which told me of all the ways they knew of to do the usa money grab . the media wont even touch on the subject . LOOK AT THIS CAPITALS


Check out this rag’s stellar past:

“In early summer 2006, the News-Press was featured in international news when six editors and a long-time columnist suddenly resigned. The group publicly cited the imposition of McCaw and her hired managers’ personal opinions onto the process of reporting and publishing the news; McCaw has expressed the view that the News-Press newsroom staff had become sloppy and biased. Tensions had existed between McCaw and the newsroom since she bought the News-Press in 2000.[7]

Between July 2006 and February 2007, 60 staff (out of 200 total employees), including all but 2 news reporters, resigned or were fired from the News-Press. Newsroom employees voted to unionize with the Teamsters, and both the News-Press management and the Teamsters made multiple appeals to the National Labor Relations Board. Former employees have encouraged subscribers to cancel their subscriptions to the News-Press, and have encouraged advertisers to cease advertising in the paper. McCaw’s attorneys have filed lawsuits against former employees, journalists, as well as competing newspapers, and have issued numerous cease and desist letters, to websites linking to the News-Press website, to local business that display signs in support of former employees, and to former employees who speak to the local media”.

San Louie

I’d take it over the Trib any day, and twice on Sunday…


I’m for change. I’m for moving on from pay-for-play politics and lies. I’m for returning our decision-making to the best DECISION instead of who paid the most. I’m for restoring some integrity to our media and our country. I’m for Trump.